point of view

Something that I read somewhere about JMo was that she’s smart, like hell smart but socially clumsy. Then I saw some of her former interviews, and that’s accurate. And I said this because in those interviews she speaks like non-stop about something and she does not let that someone else speak her part too.
This is quite common with people socially clumsy that believe that their words are the all true when that’s not right.
I found that she usually like hide herself in books and that shows me a very introvert person with a lot to learn in how to deals with mass media and fan base.

Something totally opposite of how Lana deals with the same things. 

The other thing that I found about her was that she does not do thing without a proper stimulation. I always wonder how the sweater thing started. I know that the idea of that was Lana’s but how she convinces JMo for do that is the thing. JMo does not do anything if she doesn’t feel comfortable first. And that comfort for her comes of Lana, if Lana does something she follows her. 

The sync thing? Is for that.  But that thing only happen when Lana manages  to convince her.

Are things that I saw in previous interviews and conventions, and the ways that JMo looks at Lana on them

And the sync in FT Paris is the same thing. I’m not trying to defend JMo´s attitude, at all but with all the thing that I read about her this is only my personal point of view.