point of singularity

So I had this weird idea...

…for a game concept.

What if your characters are eldritch abominations from a land beyond comprehension and time but their existence depends on the fulfilment of a singular point in space time being exactly right.

SO at the point of 11:23am, 14th October 1996 in Glastonbury, Somerset, England (pick your own small town, small time) Susan Jeffries MUST write a letter to her local politician complaining about the garbage in her street, or a particular chain of events will not occur to cause the destruction of all living things and thus the end of all time, birthing the race of abominations.

WHAT IF a young abomination, only 10,000 years young, delved into actual time and misaligned the universe so that Susan never complained?

IMAGINE a party of grotesque, galaxy-spanning beings being forced into corporeal bodies so that they can manipulate suburban politics with the express purpose of piSSING OFF SUSAN JEFFRIES!


This sigil drains energy from its surroundings in a range of approximately 5 meters, and deposits it into a concentrated energy point, which is at the dot at the tip of the arrow. Think of this like a well of energy, along with a concentrated point.

To use, draw it on something. Anything, really. Might need to be pretty skilled if you want to draw it on the back of your hand, because of the sheer amount of energy in that singular point. Then draw from that point and use it for whatever you want. Just remember to focus and put energy in it to activate it.

Another way to use, if you want it to be able to activate whenever you’re on Tumblr, just reblog it and use it there. Same concept. Just put energy into it and start it up.

This is a high potency sigil.

Thanks to @goretrash for tidying the sigil up from my terrible finger paintings. @carrotwitch is their witchcraft blog.


5 scientific myths you probably believe about the Universe

“Every theory has a limit to its range of validity; General Relativity will break down at some point, like at the singularities inside of black holes. But quantum field theories have those limits too: at the Planck scale, or distances of around 10^-33 meters or so. Gravitons ought to exist, but they’re similar to photons: real ones can be detected as gravitational waves (just as real photons can be detected as light waves), while virtual ones cannot be detected, and are just a calculational tool. Einstein’s description is perfectly valid. Although we hope it’s someday superseded by a quantum description of gravity, our picture of curved spacetime affected by matter and energy, where the curved spacetime determines the paths of objects, is fundamentally valid in the most important sense: it perfectly describes every observation we can conceive of making.”

Sure, you’ve studied a little physics. You know about Einstein and General Relativity, the quantum nature of the Universe and the fundamental particles and their interactions. You know about the Big Bang, and you’ve read up on the latest theories and ideas. So how did you wind up believing in many (or even all) of these scientific myths out there? Are space, time and gravity an illusion? Can we not see farther than 13.8 billion light years since the Universe is only 13.8 billion years old? Was the Big Bang the birth of space and time? Is gravity not fundamental at all? And isn’t it all “just a theory” in the end?

There’s a reason these are myths; don’t let yourself be taken in by them. Get the scientific truth – as close as we can ever get – instead!

A Brief Timeline of the Universe - The First Second [Part I]

We know where we are roughly in the universe- Earth, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy- but when are we in the universe? “13.8 billion years!” I hear some of you saying. You’re right. But what’s happened in those billions of years; what led us to the universe we know today?

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Let’s take a quick trip through a timeline of the universe as we know it, beginning with… 

The first second of the universe.

  • 0 Seconds Old | Planck Epoch- The universe is tiny, tiny, tiny. Every known particle, every possible bit of energy, is condensed into one unimaginably dense, hot point known as a singularity. Its physics are thought to be dominated by a unified theory which brings quantum mechanics and gravity together.
  • 10−43   Seconds Old | Grand Unification Epoch - The universe cools to 1032 Kelvin, and gravity separates from the other forces collectively known as the electronuclear force.
  • 10−32 Seconds Old | Electroweak Epoch - The universe expands in a brief but intense period of inflation, becoming 1026 times bigger and cooling to 1022 kelvin. The Strong Force separates from the Electroweak Force.
  • 10−12 Seconds Old | Quark Epoch - The four forces - the Weak, Strong, Electromagnetic, and Gravitational Force- are now separated and distinct. It is still too hot for quarks to form into anything other than a quark-gluon plasma.
  •  10−6 Seconds Old | Hadron Epoch - The universe cools to 1010 Kelvin, cool enough for quarks to form hadrons (such as protons and neutrons).
  • 1 Seconds Old | Lepton Epoch - At 109 Kelvin now, many hadrons and anti-hadrons collide with and annihilate one another, with most Leptons (such as electrons and muons) and anti-Leptons left behind. Neutrinos stop interacting with matter, and gravity begins determining the expansion of the universe.

In short, the universe got a lot done in its first second of existence- separating forces, cooling, expanding, birthing new particles and quickly annihilating them, and whatnot. There’s more to come of course, and a more familiar universe will emerge from this timeline soon.

[Part 2 coming soon!]


Vincent’s a strange and conflicted man for reasons beyond those expressed by his sleeping habits and aesthetic tendencies. It goes without saying that he’s a man driven unusually by guilt. His fixation on a singular point of perceived moral failing (“sin”, even) is histrionic in and of itself, but even moreso in light of his history as a Turk. You could fairly call it navel-gazing, but think it belies a central tension and contradiction in his character.

There’s a common thread of apathy that runs through Shinra employees. It’s a trait we see in Vincent, both in terms of his generally cool demeanor and in his dialogue. He gives the gist of his usual worldview most amusingly to Don Corneo: “I don’t care what you’re doing, so much as the idiotic way you’re doing it.” Moral judgement is not his concern when evaluating situations outside of himself, which he usually does in a rational and disaffected manner, however lyrically he phrases his conclusions. I think you could argue that it was all the time in the basement that made him so detached, but I think that was part of why he chose to detach himself in the first place.

In other characters like Reeve or even Cloud, disinterest is part of a self-serving “not my problem” agenda. That may have once been a useful perspective for a Turk, but Vincent expresses a strong tendency toward neutrality and isolationism that winds up hurting more than helping him. This is most visible in his 30 year self-imposed exile, but we also see it in his policy of non-interference with Lucrecia. Whoever and whatever makes her happy, he doesn’t mind; it’s an act of selfless love, but it’s also an extension of Vincent’s genuine belief in non-interference, even when he sees others making a mistake.

Paradoxically, Vincent’s perspective of himself is the complete inverse of his hands-off approach to others. He is obsessed with his own moral judgement, not holistically but for a perceived “original sin” that he feels compelled to suffer for. More than that, he accepts without complaint the judgement of others: His monstrous identity is crystallized by Hojo’s experiments, but at no point does Vincent challenge the professor’s vision of him. That this “sin” amounts to his lack of intervention underscores the extent to which Vincent’s fixation is not actually about righting past wrongs. If he were evaluating his mistakes rationally, he would have understood that locking himself in a box for 30 years was even more inaction; he wouldn’t be so slow to find himself a stake in the world.

Vincent is a normally apathetic man overcome with emotion. He can evaluate others but not himself. His journey sees him asking a lot of questions that lead eventually to clarity and I think a measure of personal forgiveness, but I think ultimately he needs to do more than forgive himself for a situation he is obsessed with exactly because of his lack of control over. He needs to strike a balance between his natural inclination toward a detachment from the world and a healthy investment in the things and people in it. I think the crisis Cloud brings to his doorstep is exactly what he needed in order to do so.


frames in under the skin appeal to me because of their disinterest in conveying anything other than a singular point of view (scarjo’s). there is no obligation to have the composition or frame symbolize an aspect of the story through the insertion of hidden information about the character, nor is there an agenda revolved around revealing something about the pov’s current frame of mind. it is a break from the narrative and an invitation to a fixed perspective which is digesting motion and bodies interacting within a metropolis, for the first time, all while unassumingly stationary.

“Fun facts about Mass Effect” is going to be the title of my autobiography.


Imagine writing an AI (AI’) that is barely not smart enough to improve upon itself. Give it access to its own source code and tell it to rewrite itself. At first, it will make itself marginally stupider (AI-). But then, the mistakes that AI’ wiol have made in writing AI- will enable AI- to make even bigger mistakes, leading to a version AI–. These mistakes will add up. Within a few generations, AI– will become so stupid that no human being can understand it any more.

longest hyperfixation post ever

ooo im gonna infodump on my hyperfixation if that’s ok! this is a submission because my hf is space and astrophysics which takes awhile to explain. and im gonna explain spacetime! basically spacetime is the fact that when something moves in space, time must have passed. however, this concept gets all weird near black holes. since black holes bend space into a very dense single point (a singularity) time gets all wonky as a result. this was discovered by einstein in his law of relativity and is called time dilation! if i were falling into a black hole, as my body got ripped into subatomic particles, time would be ticking slower for me than it would be for you, outside the black hole. this is because black holes have really a strong gravitation pull, and the more gravitation, the slower the clock runs. by the time i got to the event horizon (the place in the black hole where light can no longer escape the gravity) you would see time stop for me. while i experienced it all in real time, you would see my body slowing. i would hit the event horizon, and then just stop moving. the wavelength of the photons (light) reflected from my body onto your eyes would begin to turn red (the lowest light in the visible spectrum) and then id just fade away. that’s called a gravitational redshift! meanwhile, i would be moving so close to the speed of light that i would see all of time flash before my eyes! ( also, did you know that black holes can evaporate particles away (albeit very slowly) through something called hawking radiation due to quantum mechanics? so cool. )

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OMGOMG THIS IS SO COOL! !! i love this so much also a+ gif.. ive always wondered about blackholes but i cant sit throu documentries without hyperfocusing on them.. this is just!! so amazing omg!! :D!!! 

If I were to place my life on a map, I would be a singular point. A rest stop. A landmark. An unmoving mass of ‘I don’t know what I’m doing.’ I’m a tourist in a city with a compass but no GPS navigation. I’m a camper whose North Star is every star. I’m lost in a world with a million directions but with no place to be. There is no light leading the way. No guides pointing me to where I should be headed. I am that sad stranger you see lurking outside of a McDonald’s because it’s the closest thing that reminds me of visibility. And I want to tell myself it’s okay, that everyone finds themselves in a rut sometimes, but I can’t even place myself in reality anymore, these walls are built so high. I’m no longer in a realm of a place I could trek. I am a stagnant point on a map. A lost satellite connection. I don’t know where I am, and I don’t know where I’m going.
—  Stuck (in life I suppose)

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Spiral Staircase, Rhinoceros Beetle, Ruins Street, Fig Tart, Rhinoceros Beetle, Via Dolorosa, Rhinoceros Beetle, Singularity Point, Giotto, Angel, Hydrangea, Rhinoceros Beetle, Singularity Point, Secret Emperor.

the best parts of any homestuck liveblog:

  • meeting the trolls
    • meeting their zodiac troll
  • when they reach murderstuck
  • that point in act 3 or 4 when they realize “oh fuck, i’m entrenched in this bitch now aren’t i”
  • all of the huge turning point flashes
    • CASCADE.
  • the Gay Singularity, if they reach it
  • whenever they make predictions about what’s going to happen next, especially if they get it 100% right
  • the inevitable gushing over roxy
  • getting into classpect analysis
  • trollmance
  • the exact moment when they realize what the scratch means

IT JUST HIT ME that Cisco is the ONLY major character to have the same powers on both Earth-1 and Earth-2. THE ONLY ONE. (The only character AT ALL except for that one earthquake guy from this ep.)

Also correct me if I’m already remembering wrong but E2!Cisco seemed to refer to multiple Ciscos across multiple Earths, besides just those two, as if they all have similar powers. That HAS to be significant. Does Cisco always get these powers, these super-powerful powers that are clearly on a higher level than almost any other meta if he lets them be (supported by comic-verse), in every universe? Why? Is he some kind of universal constant? The singular point that pins the various realities together?

And also, can the different Ciscos link up between universes? Could they communicate somehow and become like some crazy powerful co-ruler of the multiverse???



How Soon Will We Reach ULTRON-level AI? (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk often warn us about the potential dangers of advanced AI. But how soon will we see sentient, Ultron-level AI? Just when will we reach the point of singularity? Should we be wary of Siri?! Kyle discusses on Because Science.

By: Nerdist.

i really hate the argument that Hussie abandoned the idea of wrapping up any character arcs because “real people dont have character arcs”

hes not writing real actual people that exist in real life, hes writing kids that we’ve seen grow up and face conflict and keep going

why write rose’s alcoholism if you are just going to handwave it away

why write dirk’s whole fucking deal if he’s never shown maturing and overcoming his urges to completely fuck with everyone constantly

why even write the combosprites if their entire existence is just for a couple of one off gags, and then completely forgotten about

why write characters with clearly defined conflicts and then tell us that no they arent characters and we dont deserve to see how they overcame the conflicts to obtain happiness