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Writer says: So I had this crazy idea one day and I just had to work on it. Here ya go!

Writer means: So I had this crazy idea either right before getting in the shower or right before falling asleep so I grabbed my fucking laptop and shat all over it to create the steaming pile of crap that I now lay before you. I don’t even know if it’s good anymore. I haven’t slept in two days.

Writer says: Wow, real life’s getting busy! Sorry on the slow updates.

Writer means: My life is a literal storm of shit at the moment. Why did I decide to do this. Why am I still doing this. Everything around me is spinning out of control and I am staying up ‘til 5:30 in the morning every night to create a piece of work that will only get two comments and 12 demands for quicker updates. I hope no one’s mad at me, all I wanted to do was write.

Writer says: Wow! Would you look at that! I updated on time! Please enjoy!


Writer says: This chapter was a toughie. Glad it’s finally done!

Writer means: I don’t know if this is good or not. I honestly don’t fucking know. I’ve read the same words over and over and over again and I just couldn’t look at it anymore. My beta said it was ok but I’m not confident but HOLY SHIT I JUST NEED TO STOP WRITING THIS FUCKIGN CHAPTER.

Writer says: Thanks for reading!

Writer means: Please, oh please oh please oh please leave me a review. A comment. Anything. Please tell me you’re out there. Please tell me someone is reading this.

Writer says: I just want to say that real life is getting pretty hectic right now. Please try to be patient with me, I know you guys want updates. Thanks! :)

Writer means: FUCK. YOU. Who the fuck do you think you are, demanding shit from me?! You don’t know my life! I have a very busy life! I create shit for free, you entitled son of a pig-fucker! STOP LEAVING ME COMMENTS TELLING ME TO UPDATE SOON OR I SWEAR TO GOD I’LL PUKE ALL OVER MY COMPUTER 

Writer says: What’s gonna happen next? Who knows? Hee hee ;)

Writer means: I have no fucking clue what the next chapter is going to look like. What’s my plot? I don’t know. I feel no emotion.

Writer says: Please leave a comment! It helps me write!

Writer means: I am begging you to leave me a comment because I swear it’s the only thing that’s keeping me motivated right now, I hate the work I put out and I need reassurance that people are actually enjoying this.

Writer says: I hope you enjoyed that chapter, big things are coming up! ;)

Writer means: Buckle up bitches, someone’s gonna die.

Writer says: I know I’ve missed a few updates, but I swear I plan on finishing this story! 

Writer means: *high pitched eternal screeching*

Writer says: Here we are at long last! This has been one wild ride. I want to thank you all so much for your support and love, I adore each and every one of you. I am so happy to say that this story has come to a wonderful close.

Writer means: My body is numb. Voices call out to me from the void, but I can no longer hear them over the beating of my racing heart. I am stressed to the point where I feel no relief. The story is done. It’s fucking DONE. I loved it, I hated it, it was a fucking storm of horror and pain. I can no longer see color. Now I can at last relax and…wait……wait a second………..holy shit I just thought of the best idea for a one-shot that’s totally gonna turn into a 50 chapter slow burn AU fic leT’S FUCKING DO THIS


the things that make us human are fleeting and bittersweet

Shut TF up, Arch
  • Betty: my dad might have killed Jason and he's v mean to Polly
  • Jughead: my dad is a gang leader and I'm homeless
  • Cheryl: my brother is dead and I'm in an abusive home and everyone hates me
  • Veronica: my dad is a v bad person and I hate him
  • Polly: I'm pregnant with a dead mans child and was ostracized
  • Ethel: my family is going through really rough times and my dad tried to kill himself
  • Kevin: I have to hide my relationship from my dad [bonus points: I am the comic relief of my friend group]
  • Jason: I'm dead.
  • Archie: omg you guuuuyyys I kissed Ronnie but that made Betty mad so I kissed Val and that was v good but then I kissed Cheryl and that made Val mad and all I want to do is write muuuuuusic #thestrugle #igetby #inspiring #notallheroswearcapes
12.14 coda

Dean may have missed out on the fight, but he still feels like drinking when he finally gets back home. Ketch’s expensive bottle of bribery is still sitting on the war room table and his glass is still in his favorite spot, right where he left it.

“Oh, hello, sweetness. Daddy’s here,” Dean coos at it. He hums as he picks up the bottle - still heavy even after a couple of drinks. “Shhh. It’s just you and me now.”

Sam scoffs. “Really, Dean? You’re that easy?”

Dean rolls his eyes over his shoulder. “So?”

Sam doesn’t really want to start anything, he’s feeling too good. He lets Dean smuggle his booze away to his room like always and revels in the still-fresh feeling of adrenaline-fueled ass-kicking. Changing the world. Power in the palms of his hands. He’ll try not to let it go to his head, but he deserves to celebrate the win at least.

Dean, meanwhile, falls like a heavy weight against the back of his bedroom door. 

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A birthday present for @sweetlialia. I hope you like it!

When Draco slowly made his way to the floo network in St. Mungo’s it was late.

Incredibly late.

The only reason that he was making his way home at all, instead of sleeping in the chair on his mother’s bedside, was because he didn’t want to leave Harry alone again.

He’d been spending most of his time in the hospital ever since he’d found his mother’s limp form on the floor in the manor. She’d been dehydrated, underfed, running a high fever and her blood pressure was rocketing. Now, two weeks later, those symptoms had subsided, but Draco still hadn’t left her bedside up until now.

At first Harry had totally understood that Draco was spending his nights and days in hospital, and every lunch break he got the man had joined him at Narcissa’s bedside. But now, more than ten days later, Draco couldn’t help but shake the feeling that Harry was missing him. 

Or maybe missing was the wrong word, it was more like the man was disappointed somehow, or angry.

At any rate Harry hadn’t been spending his lunch breaks with Draco anymore, and the notes packed with the dinner he owled Draco were short, or sometimes not there at all. 

Of course it could be a lack of sleep making Harry so grumpy, but if that were the case it was still Draco’s fault. He knew damn well Harry couldn’t sleep alone without getting nightmares, yet he was ignoring that to sit at the bedside of the woman who had raised him, but who also wasn’t in mortal danger anymore.

All in all Draco was a nervous wreck once he finally reached the floo.

(more under the cut)

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elizabeth keen appreciation month | day eleven: mr. solomon conclusion

Red: It’s the children whom the world almost breaks who grow up to save it.
Liz: I don’t want that for her.
Red: I wasn’t talking about her. I was talking about you, Elizabeth. 

I Love that Estevez is Dead

Unpopular opinion time - but I do.

Estevez was a character who the audience grew to love.

We started out knowing he was a good guy (objectively, being a cop), but he was an antagonist to Todd (with whom we identifying). Couldn’t he just leave Todd alone? Stop bullying the rat boy! We like him! He’s Elijah Wood in a poncy red hat!

We found out Estevez was funny. We snickered at his jokes. He was loyal and we loved his easy back-and-forth with Zimmerfield. But we were so frustrated that he just! could! not! realise that Dirk, Farah and Todd were the good guys for so long!

He was reality - awkwardly reminding everyone that the magical pixie fairydust of Dirk’s case was weird.

And then his partner died. And we felt that grief. We knew his world was ending, for no crime. He was just trying to be a good cop.

And as if we called him to us he joined the crew. He was on our side! He protected them all - helped save Lydia. This was right! This was brilliant! He could be Module B with Farah and Module A would be Dirk and Todd! It would stylistically fit!

He was a triumphant example of a human being pulled through an experience which was harrowing and painful, coming out the other end, battle-scarred, but alive.

And then he was murdered.

Murdered by an idiot. Murdered by someone who - to that point - we considered comic relief. We didn’t fear Friedkin. At that point he was just, like, stupid and shit. He wasn’t scary.

But boy… then Friedkin was.

And THAT is how you shock an audience. THAT is how you define a character as menacing. Friedkin could have killed all the nameless cops in that station, and we might have observed that Friedkin was a bad guy, but we wouldn’t have really felt it the way we did.

Take Suzie in S2. At the moment she has killed all those fucks in the book club, and a dog, and fucked up her husband’s brain.

Do we care? Yeah, we objectively know she’s bad news, but we don’t feel it. We didn’t have that same “NO - WHAT? NO!” moment that we felt for Estevez when she went all disintergrate-y on them hos.

Friedkin took something from us. He not only took our friend - he took all of Estevez’s future from us. Took that promise of a friend in the police force. Took that safety. Took him.

And I love that Max did that. I love that use of character in an excellent way. Not being afraid to establish a character through ingenious pulling at the audience’s heartstrings. Avoiding the easier trap of “and they all lived happier ever after!” to prove that, in Dirk Gently’s world, they don’t.

And god damn do I fear for whoever Susie is going to take from us this season.

Thank you for 300 followers!

Okay, guys! This is my huge thank you for following me to this blog, for supporting me all this time and just sending me adorable asks/messages and making my days brighter! I really hope you guys like it and I’m super flustered and I’m a mess because I’m super nervous but here you go! 

With shoulders hunched and his teeth clenched together, Bakugou felt his patience wearing fucking thin at the melodic sound of laughter and that annoying shit was talking to you again. His fingers gripped his pencil tightly, almost breaking the writing utensil into two as he tried his goddamn best to focus on what was in front of him, rather where you were sitting at.

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Originally posted by seungcheofine

pairing: choi seungcheol (s.coups) x reader
word count: 6.1k+
admin: mingyu
genre: slow burn; angst; fluff(?); ceo!au
a/n: sorry for taking forever with this one, i suck. it’s really long too. fml, y’all don’t understand how unsatisfying it is to write like 1000 words and get no where with the plot… it makes no sense i feel like i’m going insane. LOL have fun with it!! send in requests!

Professionalism was always in Seungcheol’s best interests when at work. No relationships, no friendships, only acquaintances were acceptable in his books. This company was one he poured his heart and soul into, and he wouldn’t it let it be torn down simply by his feelings.

The moment that he stepped foot into the building he worked in, the atmosphere changed dramatically. He took a glance down as he fixed the button on the cuff of his sleeve before returning to his impeccable posture. Shoulders back, head straight, and hard gaze… Seungcheol, the type that was incredibly hard to miss. He said his quiet greetings to the front desk secretary, before heading to the elevator. His weight shifted from both feet to one foot as he waited.

“Good morning, Mr. Choi!”

The voice was hard to miss and his eyes softened a bit as he turned to see who was calling to him. His shoulders dropped a bit in relief as he saw your figure. You were his secretary, and the only person who kept him up and on his feet each and every day. The very company he ran would not have been as well off as it was without your help. A slight smile played on his lips as you walked to stand beside him, carrying your handbag in your hands along with your laptop bag.

“Good morning, Y/N,” he spoke, continuing to carry his sense of authority with you. The only time he dropped the formal tone, even in the slightest, was in his office. You rather enjoyed when it was the two of you, alone in his office, after hours. You had been glancing over at his sharp side profile for quite some time now. The soft appearance of his nose and pink tinted lips contrasted with the hard and unforgiving gaze he had set as he looked down to the Rolex on his wrist before fixing the cuff of his shirt underneath his blazer.

Yet the shiver that ran down his spine from the small gust of wind that came from the door of the building couldn’t help but make you smile slightly as you fondly looked over to him. Sights like these regularly made you glad that you were working with an amazing man like Seungcheol.

Little did you realize, the ding for the elevator had sounded out. Only the sound of your boss’ voice calling out to you from within the elevator snapped you out of your little trance.

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“If you’re so smart (L/N), then why aren’t you dating me?” Sirius asked, a smirk playing on his face. It was just your luck that the Sirius Black decided you were the next girl to conquer. Especially since he was standing in the doorway to your charms class, making sure you couldn’t get through without answering to him. You rolled your eyes as you held your potions textbook closer to your chest, trying to side step around the tall boy with wild raven hair. His friends stood behind him, James sniggering directly at you. Sirius stepped in your way, that horridly attractive smirk of his playing on his lips. Although you tried to deny it, he drove you insane in the loveliest way possible.

“Because I’m not dumb enough to be another name on your long list,” You replied nonchalantly, finally shoving him out of the way as you attempted to enter your charms class. Sirius continued to lean in the doorway, not making any attempt to let you through. You would never admit it, but Sirius always sparked an interest in you.

“Will you just let me through you twat?” You asked exasperatedly. Sirius grinned at you before lifting his arm, allowing you through the doorway. You quickly pushed past, ignoring when his friends started chatting with him once they had also taken their seats. Although you were one of the many Ravenclaw’s in the joint class with Gryffindor, you took a seat next to Lilly Evans, who seemed to be your only friend in the entire school.

“Sirius trying to ask you out again?” Lilly asked without looking up from her book as you opened your textbook up.

“Certainly is, you still getting trouble from James Potter?” You responded quietly, trying to casually hide you glances at the group of four troublesome boys with your (H/C) hair.

“He seems to think it’s a joke when he’s with Sirius, but when it’s just the two of us in the common room he seems genuine,” Lilly sighed, causing you to turn your attention back to her. You nodded in understanding, before turning to the front of the class where the teacher began to call the role. The work seemed to be extra hard today, possibly because you had O.W.L.s coming up. The lesson soon ended and you muttered a quick goodbye to Lilly before dashing off out the door, hoping to avoid Sirius. Sirius watched as you dashed out of the classroom, a frown on his face. He turned to talk to Remus, who only gave him a knowing look in return before answering whatever question Peter had just asked him. Obviously, Sirius was going to have to come up with a fantastic plan for you to even think of him in a positive light.


Staying in the library until late wasn’t your best idea, especially since you had lost track of time and it seemed everyone had gone to bed. You exited the room full of books, careful not to make a noise, hoping not to disturb the caretaker.

Sirius had luckily decided to take a late-night stroll with James’ invisibility cloak, and as if fate decided it, you were tip toeing through the corridor, not noticing the lantern light coming down the corridor around the corner. Seeing his chance to swoop in, Sirius ran as quietly as he could before you reached the corner and pulled you in close to him, making sure the cloak was well over both your heads. You went to gasp at the contact but Sirius put a singular finger to his lips, signalling silence from you. You held your breath as you saw the lantern light appear and then disappear. The two of you stayed silent for a solid two minutes once the light had disappeared before you broke the silence.

“Thank you, Sirius, now my house won’t hate me for losing them points,” You muttered, relief spreading across your features.

“Ah, it was no problem really, I saw a damsel in distress and thought I’d help her out,” He grinned in reply, dropping his smirk completely, making your breath catch in your throat. It was gorgeous, his face illuminated by the moonlight, his grey eyes trying desperately not to stare into yours.

“Ah well, thank you again, I best get back to my common room,” You replied, going to move away.

“Let me walk you back, wouldn’t want you to get caught, now would I?” He asked, the same grin playing across his lips. You smiled lightly in reply, nodding to confirm his statement as he held your hand, keeping you close to him as you walked back to the Ravenclaw common room with him. Once you reached the door he dropped the cloak, gesturing with his arm for you enter. Stating the correct password, you watched as the door swung open.

“This is where I leave, see you tomorrow (Y/N),” He smiled lightly as he turned around to leave.

“Sirius wait!” You gasped out, grabbing his arm. He turned around, giving you a playful questioning look. You drew in a breath before kissing his cheek.

“Thank you for helping me out tonight,” You muttered, turning around and dashing into your common room before he even had a chance to reply. Sirius’ hand felt the cheek you had just kissed, a grin crossing his features.

“She is a strange one,” He whispered adoringly, before throwing the cloak back on and heading back to tell Remus the good news.

I know it’s not my usual but I just felt like something (Or Someone) a little different.

Face Cast: Ben Barnes

Co Workers (Part Nineteen)

A/N: Surprise! I’ve decided to finally bless you all with a fluff chapter!!!!!!! I know I’ve been screwing your emotions for awhile. I thought I’d let up a bit. (for a while anyway muahahahaha) I even left you with a fluffy gooey cliff hanger

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warnings: I don’t think there is any for once! (heheh)

Word Count: 2.2k

Catch up HERE Co Workers MASTERLIST

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“Okay,” she said as she continued to read, “so you said you’d been drinking quite a lot lately?”

“Yeah,” you started, “I just, I needed it.”

“It’s okay, we’ll work on all of it.-” She sat the folder down on the desk and took her glasses off- “but right now, I’m asking because this shows that your hCG levels are about 75,500.”

You squinted at her and crossed your arms, “What’s that mean?”

She looked at you, slightly surprised that you didn’t know.

“It means that you’re pregnant, Y/N.”

You stared at her for a moment, not quite sure how to process what she’d just said. You looked around, finally holding your arm up and pointed to it.

“I-I have the arm thing, it’s supposed to be good for three years!” you practically shouted.

She stood up and walked around her desk and sat in the chair next to yours. You looked down at your lap.

“I-I can’t right now, I just, my job, and Misha, and-” you looked up at her- “I have to call him.”

You’re eyes shot open as the earsplitting alarm clock went off. You groaned and flung your arm over to hit the snooze button. It didn’t shut off. You sat up, leaning over to look at where the damn shut off button was. 7 AM. You rubbed your eyes and swung your feet off of the bed. You’d gotten maybe, three hours of sleep or so. You’d been up most of the night tossing and turning in the uncomfortable bed that they gave you.

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Fade (TomTord Backstory for MA AU)

Eddsworld fic, 17610 words, tom/tord + paul/patryk

Chapter 3/3: Aftermath

Ao3 Mirror

Whoever said that love conquers all has clearly never been with a demon before.

(Prequel story for the TomTord relationship in the Monster Apartments AU)

Warning for possibly triggering content, including character death, brief depictions of torture, and body horror (monster transformation)

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