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Restored 'Race Films' Find New Audiences
Some of the earliest movies by African-American filmmakers from the 1910s through 1940s languished in film archives over the years on poor-quality film prints. Now some have been digitally restored.

In case anyone was wondering what denial-of-platform means:

Hateful ideologies are not spread through logical discourse, they’re spread memetically.  Let’s say you get into an argument with a fascist, on your blog, in front of God and everybody; you’re not just wasting your time, you’re being actively harmful, because if cool-headed debate could defeat those arguments, it already would have.  You should address fascist talking points independently, divorced from their source, because if you do otherwise you’re just devoting your own time, resources, and labor towards increasing their visibility and helping them spread their message.  (see also:  Donald Trump’s entire presidential campaign)

psa ( things to remember about a.ngelica schuy.ler ch.urch ) : 

a) she was happily married to john church and not grossly in love with her brother-in-law . she CHOSE to elope with this man despite her father’s disapproval . this means that she went against her family and put a divide up for the sake of being with this man . she LOVED him . i love l*mm but he does not portray angelica well . she was not some lovesick puppy in love with her bro-n-law . “lavished in a loveless marriage” <— not accurate at all . read some of the letters between them or about each other to other people . they were in love so much !!

b) the angelica people SHOULD want to be like is schuyler sisters—a.ngelica . satisfied & take a break & congratulation—ang.elica is no good . she was a strong , independent woman who other founding fathers leaned on for support and advice . not just al.exander , but also jeffe.rson . she was not someone who would spend their hours reeling over a comma . that’s not remotely appealing . in satisfied , she basically tells the audience she is only hooking up her sister with him so she can fantasize about him ( which is not even historically accurate as eliza met alexander long before angelica did ) & i’m sorry that’s not okay . in take a break , we have the ridiculous comma thing . and in congratulations ( where is should have been about E.LIZA ) she focuses on herself and how he betrayed her “feelings” which should not even be there . 


The last time Mary McDonnell was kissed onscreen was 2009. 6 YEARS AGO.

At this point, I don’t care WhoTF she kisses as long as it happens. Pass it on. 

as the sunlight began to pour in through the blinds in nicolette’s tiny apartment, she found herself stirring awake, pulling a hand up to block the light that was invading her eyes. for a moment she nearly forgot where she was, rubbing her head as she sat up, last night’s events starting to come back to her. it was a night filled with passion, one she was sure she would never forget. glancing over at the sleeping male next to her, a small smile crossed her features as she shut her eyes, trying to savor the moment. laying back down on her side to face him, she moved closer, eyes studying his face for a few moments, not wanting to wake him just yet. she moved her hand to touch the side of his face, her thumb grazing lightly over his temple, fingers finding his hair. noticing a lone eyelash sticking to his cheek, she moved her thumb, directing it towards the eyelash as she lightly moved her thumb over it to brush it off. instead of blowing it off her finger, she had another idea. “hey,” she whispered quietly, pressing a chaste kiss to his nose in attempt to wake him up. “wake up, you have to make a wish,” she spoke, eyes wide, with a huge grin on her face as she awaited his response. 

I am from Eritrea,” I said proudly. My teacher pulled down the map and asked me to point it out. I couldn’t find my country on the map because it hadn’t yet gained independence. I pointed to the northern highlands of Ethiopia and said “This is where my country is supposed to be”. My teacher said, “So you’re from Ethiopia?” to which I replied “No, I’m from Eritrea.
Jon. Fucking. Moxley...

So I just went on Youtube to watch some of Dean Ambrose’s Independent Wrestling Circuit matches when he was under the name Jon Moxley… 3 things that made me go wtf 1. He had pink hair at one point 2. Independent Wrestling Circuit matches can get pretty violent, I’m talking blood EVERYWHERE violent 3. Holy shit did he look like a hot as hell punk rock kid While watching those I was also thinking “someone needs to put a lea- oh wait…”

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Jim Armitage: Lloyds must tread more carefully to avoid Reading rage

Hell hath no fury like a customer scorned. Just ask Lloyds.

Having treated victims of the Reading HBOS sex-for-bankruptcies scandal with apparent disdain for a decade, it is trying to make amends.

On Monday, heeding victims’ concerns it would hire one of the arguably conflicted Big Four accountants or Magic Circle law firms to look into compensation, Lloyds recruited a veteran reviewer of banking disputes — Professor Russel Griggs.

But a growing number of customers, whose cases were heard in the HBOS trial, say he’s wholly inappropriate.

They point to a previous independent review where they say the Prof was naive on the scandal of how banks put troubled businesses into their special measures units such as RBS’s Global Restructuring Group.

It’s in nobody’s interests to repeat the fiasco of the child sex abuse inquiry, where the thing took years to start because of objections to the proposed chairmen.

But Lloyds should have sought HBOS victims’ views on the appointment before announcing it.

They now scent a stitch up, where the reviewer rubberstamps what the bank wants to hear. Lloyds faces another noisy backlash.

Kid gloves are needed for those so badly bruised and beaten.

All that glitters …

A London banker objects to criticisms of his profession over Russian money-laundering in this week’s Laundromat scandal. Don’t blame us, he says, blame the Home Office.

Under the Labour government, the Home Office created “Golden Visas”, where foreigners pledging to invest big money here were allowed in, pretty much no questions asked. Hundreds, then thousands of the super-rich came to London, opening bank accounts here and sending their children to expensive British schools.

Though some were from the US and other relatively clean countries, 60% were multimillionaires from Russia and China — two of the most corrupt countries in the world. In 2014, the rules were tightened, the hurdles made more expensive. And guess what happened? The numbers of Russians and Chinese plummeted overnight.

From a total peak of 1172 Golden Visas granted in 2014 before the clampdown, only 192 were issued in 2015. Chinese and Russian investor visas fell to just 35 and 34 respectively.

Figures for 2016 look similar, with only 215 visas issued.

From a money-laundering perspective, that has to be good. But it makes you wonder – what checks has the Government been doing on the backgrounds of the 3000 millionaires and billionaires let in before the clampdown?

Perhaps the banker has a point.



“Sensitive information removed

—-archived item below this line—-

Clear Lakes to Cease Operations After Buyout
Clear Lakes Communications President Danielle Scott held a conference call today with all current station employees, informing them that April will be the final month that the company will be in operation. CLC, until this point completely independent, will be bought out by long time rival +++++///11v% Network. There has been no word yet on if the company will be rebranded or absorbed completely.

Speculations of a buyout have been circulating since last year, amid CLC’s ongoing financial issues and struggles to maintain decent ratings for its small number of stations. Scott was hired in August of last year to help breath new life into the station, but according to insiders, the rising costs of developing and acquiring new programming far exceeded the company’s modest fundraising.

“She was frankly asked to do the impossible” says long time sponsor {]{]{]{]{] “I think the writing was already on the wall, but Danielle still wanted to try. She’s always been very determined.”

All affiliate stations, of which there are nine, will be going off the air at the end of April as well. So far, all attempts to reach out for comment from the individual stations or CLC itself have remained unanswered.


Diana Vishneva: Pivotal Pointe
Award-winning filmmaker Buddy Squires captures an intimate, unprecedented view of prima ballerina Diana Vishneva's remarkable journey.

Diana Vishneva and amazing filmmaker Buddy Squires need our help. 

Please, even a little bit can help, and make sure to watch the trailer and read about the project! 


Spotlight: Keep Pursuing Creates the World’s First Weight-Reducing Backpack

Meet Keep Pursuing: a men’s luggage and accessories brand with a focus on wearable tech and design. Their latest product project, Zero-G, might be their most ambitious.

Lugging around your backpack is about to get so much easier. Pushing the craft forward and defying laws of gravity, Zero-G is the world’s first backpack designed to make twenty pounds feel like ten. The Kickstarter campaign (ending Friday) has already amassed over $290,000 in pledges and you can contribute to that HERE.

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[RadioSubs] DearGirl Stories #10

Too many things happened in this episode, I can’t summarize lol

Also, as of Feb 1st 2016, apparently Ono Daisuke is no longer with Mouse Productions. I don’t know how things work in the Seiyuu industry but seeing that quite a number of seiyuus become independent some point in their career, I believe we’ll still see OnoD around quite often. 

Episode 11 of DGS will come a little later since I am intending to sub the full episode with Angen-kun appearing. Meanwhile, I’ll be subbing a few more Yuukyan stuff.

Some notes for this episode:

KamiYoung - I didn’t really search up the origins of this nickname, I’m believing this is a combination of Kamiya and Onosaka Masaya’s nickname, Young-san. Also the two of them are on pretty good terms and from the same agency, I guess that’s why their names are paired?

obasan - I didn’t translate this because I believe you Jfans understand this xD but a tiny note, obasan (middle-aged lady) is not the same as obaasan (grandmother), so in case you go to Japan, make sure to use the right term lol

‘ore ore sagi’ - during the telephone call, OnoD kept saying, ‘ore ore’. I’m not completely sure, but it could be a reference to this term ‘ore ore sagi’, meaning the ‘it’s me, it’s me fraud’. “Ore” means ‘I’, used by guys. So this term started in 2004 I think, where there were frauds calling, ‘it’s me, you know, me’ and asking their victims to transfer money to some account or something.

osewaninatte orimasu [お世話になっております] - well I’m assuming you guys are interested a little in Japanese so here is a little language info~ This term is a keigo/honorific term that people in Japan use ALL the time. The general meaning is, ‘I am indebted to you’, ‘Thank you for taking care of me’ and so on. There is no specific english term for this because this is more of a culture thing. I can’t translate it exactly, so I simply subbed it as ‘thank you for your support’. When parents meet teachers, parents will say this to teachers because their kids are technically under the teachers’ care. In this DGS case, it is a slight exaggeration for OnoD to use the term since he is not really indebted to Sajio-sensei’s mom in any way, but it is polite to say it and you will definitely prefer to be more polite than not in Japan~

Anyway, hope you enjoy the episode.