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100 Days of Booklr, Day 19 (Revive Booklr Tag)

Thank you for tagging me, @paperbackphoenix!

Rules: If tagged, answer the original questions and either add to the list or delete some (if you’d like), then tag more people!

Which book are you currently reading?

I just barely started Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson

What’s the best beverage to drink while reading?

Water so that if I spill it, it won’t stain the book as badly xD

What’s your favourite book quote?

Hmm, I don’t really have one? I do love the “little infinities” quote from The Fault In Our Stars, though, even though it’s almost become a cliche at this point.

Are you looking forward to a certain book release? If yes, which one?

I’m so freaking behind on books that are already published, so I try not to keep up with new ones so as not to overwhelm myself. :P But I’ll be excited when the third Illuminae book comes out!

What’s your Hogwarts house?

Hufflepuff and proud of it :D

Spell your name using book titles!

indred by Octavia Butler
Insignia by S.J. Kincaid
Martian by Andy Weir

Annie On My Mind by Nancy Garden
Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan
Marvels by Brian Selznick
Outsiders by S.E. Hinton
Not Otherwise Specified by Hannah Moskowitz
Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty

Are there any books you would recommend to the rest of us?

I know I’m always recommending these, but Insignia by S.J. Kincaid, Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff, and The Girl With All the Gifts by M.R. Carey.

What is your favourite non-fiction subject to read?

I don’t love reading non-fiction, but I actually enjoy reading biographies, if that counts!

What types of book covers do you find most aesthetically pleasing?

I’m a sucker for shiny covers with lots of colors, like this one:

aaand my added question:

What is one genre you want to read more of?

Classic sci-fi

And finally, I’ll tag the 10 most recent people from my notes: @futuremathteacher, @ontimeandspace, @p-a-d-f-o-o-t, @maplereadsthings, @the-random-weirdoo-show, @an-exchange-of-silence, @bookspark, @dionysiacbooks, @monsieurbookshire, and @dehidraa

 If there was a zombie apocalypse the best place to go would be Target.

Lets look at the facts:

  • Targets have at maximum 3 windows. And those windows are also doors. Otherwise they are giant concrete cinder-blocks of prison like retail. 
  • Target is filled with things to quickly barricade those window-doors. such as entire gazebos, lawn furniture, exercise equipment, etc. 
  • From that point forward all you have to do is worry about the zombies that are inside.
  • Target has an intercom system, which if accessed by the correct people can be used to quickly spread information and mobilize people to get things done. 
  • Target has a large section of both perishable and non perishable food items. 
  • Target also has a vast entertainment section. (how many societies have collapsed due to conflict spurred by stress and boredom. HOW MANY)
  • Target’s roof can be easily accessed for surveillance, gathering of rainwater (with the many buckets and mini pools target has. and all water can be boiled in the Starbucks kitchen) and sniping.
  • Target’s insulation would make the harsh winter months significantly more bearable.
  • Before the power goes out, Target has sun lights (which is why its not sad inside like in so many other stores… cough Sears cough) so people who have SAD won’t get depressed. Also, Target is large and designed to feel homey so people wont go stir crazy as fast like they do in jails.
  • When the power goes out, Target has large industrial generators that can be turned on in emergencies like for cooking. 
  • Speaking of cooking, Target has several kitchens inside of it. And once the power goes, guess what Target also sells? Grills. 
  • Target also has a pharmacy. And medical supplies. So, people inside who need meds to function have a hell of a lot longer time to live unencumbered by their illness than they normally would. 
  • Some targets have tools–including power tools.
  • Target also has a tiny jail. For miscreants and rabble rousers.
  • Bedding. Real Bedding
  • Reliable indoor plumbing.

I think you could reasonably live for at least two years inside a Target before completely running out of anything vital– provided food is well rationed.
And even so, the only thing you’d be sending out scouts for is food. Everything else would last for ages.  

Provided that the population not exceed 200, Target would run out of these things in this order:

  1. perishable food.
  2. electricity
  3. Potable water (that doesn’t require work)
  4. Non perishable pre-made food items
  5. Non perishable food ingredients (flour, mixes, etc)

    How to survive in a Target: Action plan.

    Undoubtedly, everyone will be rushing and screaming in the Target. First someone has to break into the manager’s office and commandeer the intercom to create some organization by shouting: If you do not want to stay and survive in the Target, leave now. 

    After that’s cleared up and only interested parties and zombies are left. the barricading can begin. Once the doors and windows are sealed, the new goal is to clear the undead from the usable space.The undead can be deposited neatly outside of the truck loading dock doors.

    Then, someone needs to do inventory. For the next week or so, food needs to be arranged by date consumed and a rationing chart should be made. Same applies to medicine and medical supplies and toiletries.

    After food and water has been qualified and quantified,  remaining time should be dedicated to turning target into a large “home”, Bedding should be laid out in one area, there should be an entertainment area. There should be a separate area for children and babies. All of the clothing should be pushed to the side or placed in the storage area, so there is more livable space. 

    I’m sure people have more ideas but that’s all I’ve got.

This has been brought to you with love by,

Not gonna die. 


After three long months, I’ve finally finished this semester of school.

This was probably the hardest semester of my life with a lot of personal drama, going through moving, surgery, and so much more..

But it all finally payed off in the end and I now have several long months of time to rest and go back to drawing on here too!

2016 was really hard for a lot of us.. But part of me knows it’s all clear skies from this point forward.

dmmd boys' reactions to being called "daddy"
  • Aoba: spits out his beverage immediately
  • Koujaku: blushes profusely but goes along with it if it's what you want
  • Clear: "you must be mistaken, i don't have any children. do you need help finding your father?"
  • Noiz: smirks and proceeds to get really into it.
  • Mink: grunts. because that's what mink does in just about any situation.
  • Ren: Loses the ability to speak. blushes. stutters a lot. probably freezes up because wow he did not see that coming.
  • Sei: .....why would anyone call Sei "daddy". he's the least daddy-ish of them all
  • Mizuki: "what, me? ME? you actually mean me??????"
  • Virus and Trip: of course they're digging it. They'll probs be crazy about you acknowledging your submissiveness.
  • Toue: probably confused by it at first but being the pervy old man he is, it eventually becomes on of his biggest kinks and makes all his sexual partners call him "daddy" from that point forward.

Varieties of Pearlcatcher Horns

  • Colossal
    • This mutation is caused by an over abundance of testosterone, the hormone that controls the growth of the horns. The condition most often appears in males. The dragons certainly look formidable but are far less agile than the average pearlcatcher. They must have a thick, muscular neck in order to lift their heavy head.
  • Reverse
    • This unusual mutation results in horn(s) that point forward instead of backward. It is theorized that this condition is caused by improper diet, resulting in horn(s) that droop during growth. No treatment has yet been discovered.
  • Greatshell
    • Named after the Greatshell from the sandswept delta, these horns are not a mutation, but are purposefully molded during the pearlcatcher’s youth. The original intention was to stave the hatchling’s aggression and instill subservience. It is now a symbol of prestige.
  • Unicorn
    • Named after the Wetland Unicorn, these horns are incredibly sharp with smooth ridges. Sightings are rare, thus, not much is known about this mutation. Some suspect this may be an aesthetic modification, presumably artfully carved and sanded at adulthood.
Mewtwo sprite rating

green - his head is so large but he’s got a good battle stance, his tail is a tad bit too small and akin to a limp noodle 5/10

red/blue - he looks like he’s doing shia labeouf’s “JUST DO IT”. thanks to this mewtwo I am ready for all of life’s challenges 9/10

Yellow - a proud boy, thrusting his pelvis forward for all to see, his tail is very high quality and good as well! 10/10

Gold - very good color and shading, he’s a bit plump but that is ok!! 8/10

Silver - the colors are a bit muted, but I like this one because he looks like he’s plotting something, mischievous as fuck I like it >:3c/10

Crystal - Look at this glorious glowing boy!! Magic Man!!!!! 10/10

Ruby/Sapphire/FR/LG - very determined mewtwo here, he points forward like jotaro kujo. yare/10

Emerald - he shrinks and expands? It looks interesting but the sprite animation is a bit strange 7/10

Diamond/Pearl/Platinum - this boy is aware of his surroundings, and he’s got a top notch tail to boot! 9/10

Heart Gold/Soul Silver - now, here he is! my favorite sprite of him!! he’s doin’ a wicked cool pose plus the colors are fantastic and pleasing to the eye! perfect/10

Black/White - i was always a little bit disappointed that they didn’t animate his heart gold/soul silver sprite, and honestly his animations don’t really fit with him too much, he just sorta bounces ya know? 6/10

X/Y - Now, color wise I do not like this mewtwo very much, way too muted, I prefer the deep purples from generations 5 and 4, but the true beauty comes from him being viewed from the back

look at how LONG that tail is!!! It’s tremendous, the tail I’ve been searching for this whole time! 11/10

The Captive’s Past: Part 1

Originally posted by negangifs

Summary: Negan tries to comfort Abby, who he found fleeing from her kidnappers.

Pairing: Negan x Abby

Warning: Swearing, Eventual Smut, Violence, Mentions of Rape, Daddy Kink

“C’mon boys, pick up the fucking pace” snarled Negan as he trudged through the overgrown forest; Lucille slung over his shoulder, scouring for supplies with his men following closely behind him. It was dark and quiet out, more quiet then usual until *SNAP*, Negan held Lucille tightly pointing her towards a dark figure standing a few feet in front of them. “Whoever you fucking are you better not fucking try anything unless you want to feel my girl’s barbed end bashing your skull in!” Negan yelled out. He looked over at his men who had their guns out and pointed towards the figure as well, he nodded his head forward; signaling for them to go see who it was. Two of Negan’s men, Dwight and Simon walked past either side of Negan, guns still pointed forward, as they slowly made their way to the figure that almost looked like it was shaking.

“Well, would you look at this” Simon called out as he and Dwight grabbed onto the figure and began dragging it back to Negan. “No! Stop please!” the figure screamed out as it began kicking its legs into the ground trying to get free of Simon and Dwight’s grip. Negan squinted his eyes as they got closer and quickly opened them when he noticed the figure was a girl; and a good looking one at that. Dwight pushed the girl forward directly in front of Negan’s gaze, Negan grabbed onto her arm with his Lucille-free hand to keep her from running off. The girl’s hair was messy and tangled like it hadn’t been brushed in weeks and her clothes were dirty and tattered. The girl began yanking her arm again trying to get loose but to no avail as tears streamed down her dust covered face, leaving streaks.”Hey hey, it’s alright sweetheart” Negan said surprisingly softly, loosening his grip on her arm but not loose enough that she’d get free. “I’m Negan, what’s your name doll?” he asked giving the girl a half-assed ‘nice to meet you’ smile. “N-Negan?” the girl stuttered as the fear in her eyes grew realizing who the man standing before her was. “Yes that’s my fucking name and don’t forget it doll, buuut I’m pretty fucking sure I asked what yours was” he said again softly, wiping a tear that was trailing down her cheek away with a gloved finger, causing the girl to flinch. “M-My names…A-Abby” the girl replied, revealing her identity to Negan.

“Abby huh? Cute name” Negan said licking his bottom lip “cute name to go with an even cuter face”. Negan paused for a second before turning around and walking back, pulling Abby along with him, “let’s go fuckers  it’s getting late, I think I’m gonna take Abby here with us…I like her” he shouted out to his men. Abby struggled to get free, “no no no please stop!” she whimpered, tears streaming down her face. There was no use trying to pull free, Negan was too strong, she gave up pulling and instead brought Negan’s hand up to her mouth and bit down on it as hard as she could, causing Negan to give out a great yell in pain.

Negan’s men quickly grabbed Abby and pushed her face first into the cold ground. Negan gave his bitten hand a shake and held onto Lucille tightly “you little fucking bitch, you fucked up and I mean FUCKED up biiig time!” he yelled, but Abby paid no attention as she glanced over and noticed a couple of men walking in the distance, shining the flashlights in their hands around, Negan and his men; too caught up in the heat of the moment didn’t notice them. “Shhhh…Stop yelling they’ll hear you!” Abby shouted in a panicked tone. Negan bent down and leaned in closer “the fuck did you just say to me?” he asked the anger still pacing through him. “T-Those men over there…their the people I’m trying to get away from, p-please don’t let them get me…I can’t go back…please” Abby franticly mumbled. Negan looked up and noticed the men, who noticed him as well as they shone their flashlights in his direction and started running over.

“You found my daughter!” said one of the men giving Negan a toothy grin, “We’ve been looking for her for hours now, I hope she hasn’t been causing you folks too much trouble” the man leaned over to grab Abby until Negan stepped in front of her, shielding her from him. He held Lucille up and pointed it at the man who spoke, as his men pointed their guns at the other one. “N-Now no need to get violent mister, I’ll just take my little girl and go” the man stuttered putting his hands up. “N-Now shut the fuck up” Negan hissed, mocking the man. “This girl here said she’s trying to get away from you, why the fuck would she be running away from her father?” Negan asked not taking his eyes off of the man who was now trembling. “W-Well ya see, she’s a bit well… deranged” the man said shakingly. “BULLSHIT!” Negan yelled causing both men to jump, “Abby is this man your father?” he asked, lowering his voice. “No he’s not!” she yelled giving the man a pissed off glare “these cowards killed my mother then kidnapped me and have been abusing me for WEEKS! Then when they got bored of hitting me and telling me what to do they tried to rape me but I managed to get free” Abby spat as she talked, her fear slowly being replaced with pent up anger. Negan paused not saying a thing, but his hands were shaking as he clenched them into tight fists, “you inbred motherfuckers” Negan said under his breath before raising Lucille up and bringing her down over the man’s head; almost splitting it in two. The man stumbled for a second before dropping to the ground with a thud. The other man looked at his dead friend with horror before starting to run in the opposite direction, he didn’t get far as Negan’s men began firing bullets into his back until he dropped down dead as well.

Negan let out a deep breath, slicking his black hair that had fallen in his eyes back. He turned around and gave Abby a hand helping her up, “now listen I’m sorry for yelling at you and shit but if you EVER bite my goddamn hand again I-“ he was quickly cut off as Abby hugged him tightly “thank you so much Negan” she whispered. Negan’s men stared at him with curiosity seeing what he was going to do, since he wasn’t an affectionate, huggy kind of guy. But to their surprise Negan gave Abby a tight squeeze back “hey don’t mention it, but seriously bite me again and I’ll fucking lose it” Abby stepped back and smiled as she looked at the teeth marks she left on Negan’s leather glove “yeah…sorry about that” she said feeling a bit guilty about biting the man that just saved her life.

“Do you have a place to go?” Negan asked, “no…not anymore, they burned the house me and my mother were living in” Abby said looking down at the ground. Negan shook his head slightly in disbelief “well then you can live in my compound Sanctuary, you’ll have food and shelter and most importantly safety” Negan leaned closer to Abby and whispered in her ear “I won’t fucking let anybody hurt you anymore darling, got that?” Negan leaned back as Abby nodded her head and gave Negan a smile. Negan smiled back and took her gently by the hand, “what the fuck are you cunts looking at? Let’s go” he growled at his men who looked dumbfounded.

Negan helped Abby get into his pick-up truck before going around and getting into the driver’s seat. One of his men sitting in the open back of the truck banged the side to let Negan know everyone was in. Negan put Lucille down in the small back space behind his seat and started driving off towards Sanctuary. He glanced over at Abby who slowly grabbed his hand and entwined her fingers with his. “Is this okay?” she asked noticing the surprised look on Negan’s face, which quickly vanished and was replaced with a smirk, “yeah…it’s okay” he replied looking back at the road, letting his thumb slowly stroke Abby’s hand.

Blue Sleep Chapter 2 - Page 12

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Early Update for you guys.   From this point forward, this comic will update on Saturdays and Tuesday …. except when it doesn’t >.<


yuugi: what’s wrong??
catem: *i can’t tell him i was staring at his ass. quick distract him* HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN LOVE (holy shit i did not mean to say that but it’s too late to take back)

also u guys finally got a glance of yuugi’s kwami. hooray!!