point dress

So lei told me to draw shin in maid uni the other day but i couldnt imagine it and then she said to draw gb shin on a later day so…i drew this awhile ago

When you encounter the same little detail in fanfic after fanfic and you realize you genuinely can’t remember if that thing is actually canon or if it’s just something fandom made up.

942. Muggleborn girls sick of having to wear skirts all the time (it’s not that practical, especially when flying brooms or during DADA) start wearing trousers as part of their uniform. Halfbloods and purebloods start joining in soon after. Teacher’s eventually give up and make it part of the official uniform that you can wear trousers no matter the gender. Then some boys start wearing kilts. 

you’re the senpais so you should be setting an example for the underclassmen by wearing your proper uniforms!!