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Headshots sale! 50% off

For just 15 USD you can get a headshot with full color and shading! 

I get that im a bit slow, but if anyone does still want some valentines themed ones Im sure I can cook some up! :D

The reason im doing this is that I chipped my tooth and I cant afford dental fees so im trying to save something up so I can get it fixed >__<

I also just had to pay a 2000kr fee because the government had apparently overpaid me over a year ago and didnt bother telling me .__.’ so thats my entire savings account depleted.

You can also help me by commisioning me for any of my regular types of commisions:

Regular commision info

TOS (please read it through)

Examples of headshots:

You can contact me via commish1221@gmail.com

Thank you so much for commisioning/boosting this! :D


These commissions should have a quick turn around so grab em while they’re hot!

I will do:
• OCs (with references!)
• Any character! (Again, with references!)
• Simple backgrounds and set pieces
• 1x revision included with commissions >$10

I may do:
• NSFW (case-by-case, extra $5-$10 may be applied)
• Shipping art!

I will not do:
• Complicated machinery/overly intricate designs
• Any ship or character that I’m not comfortable with. Ask me about your request!

Contact me!

Email me @ lixyororke@gmail.com with the subject “commission”! OR message me here on big-sauce.tumblr.com
Don’t hesitate to ask any questions or reach out for a quote/more examples!

Payment will be done through PayPal C:

Browse my /art tag for more examples and have a good day <3

Since my family is tight on money, I’m opening commissions!

to explain the extra chara part, it would be like this:

  • original price (first character) + original prince minus 5 dollars (second character

even if you can’t afford it atm, I would really appreciate it if you shared this!

of course, just wanted to point out that as the artist, I have the right to decline any commission for any reason whatsoever.

that’s all!

have a great day! 💕

…the longer I look for a job, the less good offers there is.

At this point, I reply even to jobs I don’t want to do, but… Like, aside from technical stuff and stuff I would need specific education for, I try to answer t everything I can.

I keep getting either refused or ignored.

I said to myself that if I don’t have job until the end of this month I’m just gonna go to some shop. It will be badly paid, but it will be at least something.
Suddenly it seems that not even shops need employees anymore.

I don’t know what to do anymore, to be honest.