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The Homework Series Batch #6 (Ballast Point)

Brewery : Ballast Point
Beer : The Homework Series Batch #6
Style : American Porter / Imperial Porter / Porter
Variance : None

8.5 / 10

Ughhhh, I fucking hate homework. I almost didn’t get to walk on graduation day because I kind of gave up senior year and didn’t do any homework at all for the second half of the year but luckily my teachers let me make it up and that’s why I am the brilliant high school graduate I am today. Actually, the concept of this beer is awesome because basically if you like the flavor you get from drinking it out of the bottle, they give you the recipe to brew it yourself so you’ll never have to go without it again. Sounds pretty easy right? WRONG! They clearly don’t know that some people such as myself are absolutely horrible at home brewing because my only experience has been trying to brew a west coast IPA that ended up tasting like hard cider. Basically I suck at brewing beer but I’m a god damn professional at drinking it so I think I’ll just stick to that. A nice and smooth roast-y flavor starts things off with an almost rye like spice to it before some dark and milk chocolate mix in sweetening things up slightly while the bitterness still reigns supreme before ending with a smokey and Hershey syrup finish making this an excellent meal companion or dessert beer. This is another one of those beers that you’d expect to see a picture of when you opened a dictionary and looked up “porter” just like if you looked up the word “fuckface” it would probably just be a picture of Jared Kushner. Jeesh, he’s just got one those “punch me right in my stupid mouth” faces doesn’t he? Anyways, if you are looking for a great beer that you can actually brew yourself, pick this up and enjoy because this is both a great beginner’s beer and just as great of an expert brewsky so go pick or brew some up today!

Written by: Steve B.