One of the biggest chunks of trivia to waft through the internet recently was Rogue One’s use of full-on CGI necromancy. And while you might have all kinds of loud opinions about that, the most unfortunate detail is how much that news distracted people from the amazing not-computer effects work whizzing by the screen.

Nope, that’s not some ridiculous test of the next desperate movie theater gimmick; it’s how director Gareth Edwards insisted on shooting the interior X-wing scenes for Rogue One. Instead of a traditional green screen, the effects people set up a giant LED display to show the futuristic dogfights in sync with the set – allowing the cinematographer to film in the handheld, balls-out guerilla style that Edwards is known for.

And that’s pretty much the story of Rogue One’s production, which built 360 degree sets and traded green screens for real visuals that actors could react and improvise to. 

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