point and shit

  • me: theres really no way we could get canon macdennis. its just not realistic for them to do that right now, the characters arent ready for something like that
  • rcg, punching me in the throat with openly gay mac and dennis finally talking about his feelings: well first of all through god all things are possible, so jot that down

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You like sonic heroes you have a shitty taste in sonic games I can't believe it you'll defend anything sonic

lol okay so are we not allowed to like anything that has flaws in it? I acknowledge sonic heroes is cheesy, corny, the camera is bad, the controls are slippery, and probably a lot more, BUT I love it despite of that. I have nostalgia factor in it too, just as I’m pretty sure a lot of people have with other games. I’m not defending the game, I’m stating I love it despite the flaws just as you will focus on the bad stuff, I focus on the things I love.


Bloodstone theories...?

1) Ronaldo’s “gemsona”

2) Ronaldo reveals that he has has the gem (maybe trapped in an object or something like Lapis was) by the end of the episode

3) Corrupted gem that gets defeated

4) Peridot’s manager comes to earth via Yellow’s request, Steven/Ron run into her at some point. Shit goes down.

I dunno’, basically just wild guessing! Hopefully the episode doesn’t leak early, and people actually watch it live and save the poor show’s ratings.

Updating my statement...

Suicidal? Not anymore luckily…sad and depressed? Yes….disappointed and disgusted? YES…Wanting to leave Tumbrl? Probably since I don’t have that many people around me that can comfort me… Atheist, still? Yes…so far I didn’t get any little miracle for how much i prayed and since my mother let the religion in my house like a disgusting propaganda i’m done with it…it only caused me more problems.

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Ok now I'm going to make this shit more depressing, when Mary grows up, since she's the youngest she's most likely to die last, she goes to the grave yard when her siblings, fathers and mom are and plays the Hamilton interlude and never changes the date nor song, and she passes it down the blood line and it's passed down generation to generation, the person who knows the song still goes down every year to play that song even if they only knew who Alex and Thomas through stories at that point



Jeans were a bad choice for today. And thank Beyonce for dry shampoo.

Today is telling centrelink I’m too crazy to work for three months, as if I’m not this crazy 70‰ of the time. I miss so much the times I haven’t been this bad. Remember when I moved to Melbourne twice? And joined gay book clubs? And went on dates? And talked to people?

At the moment all I can think about is wanting to not exist so I don’t have to deal with my body (surgery in a week), and don’t have to deal with my personal relationships (therapy is really pointing out how shit I am with relationships).

“it’s wrong to wish death on someone! Even Trump!’

BOY I sure do hope trump gets fucking annihilated by literally anything. A meteor, finally choking to death, a sniper, a flying bear, his wife smothering him with a pillow. @ god, kill him!!

EDIT: this wont even be seen but what the fuck yall trying to plot murder when i posted this before he got elected wtf wtf 

Downtown chillin’

Fave trio tbh.