A/N: Yet another supernatural Imagine that just came to me out of complete boredom XD Happy Valentines day to my American friends!

Pairings: Dean x reader

Summary: Y/N has been hunting with the boys ever since she met Sam after the death of her friend Jess. However over the years, while Sam looked at her like a best friend, Dean developed more romantic feelings towards her.  Now those feelings come to light, although not in the way he anticipated

Warnings: Some foul language


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It was supposed to be easy. It was supposed to a simple salt and burn and be home in time for Game of thrones. That was the plan after all.

Thats how it was supposed to go. However, the witch had other plans for you and the Winchester brothers

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They were starving. Well, aparently monsters didn’t need to feed as often as humans, or maybe Sans and Papyrus just didn’t care enough about their ‘pet’ to bother feeding them…Well, all that mattered was that they needed food. Hell, they could already feel their HP going down!

Flowey was easy to feed, after all he just needed water, but while water could stop Frisk from dying for a while it was still not enough…They did find some random food around the place where Papyrus would usually leave them, but could they really eat that? What if it were poinsoned? The last time they risked eating something they didn’t die, but the bad time they had was enough to teach them a lesson.

No, the child needed something better and Grillby’s place came immediately to their mind. Well, the fire monster had a restaurant so it was unlikely he would try to kill them, right? After all they would be paying! That made sense, but they SAVEd their progress just in case they died there.

Frisk took a deep breath and opened the door, quietly entering the place. Okay, it was very different from what they expected. It looked more like a bar or a party than a restaurant, with loud music and more vibrant colors, but they saw some monsters eating so they guessed their trip wasn’t for nothing.

They sneaked past the other creatures, trying to not call too much attention before climbing the tall (or at least tall to them) bar stool. The human couldn’t really force themselves to speak when they felt so uneasy so they started knocking on the counter to try to call the purple-fire-monster’s attention.


This is a request that came up while sharing bonkai headcanons. @Kennett_Bonkai , whybonkai and malachaibennett wanted a ficlet about Kai getting jealous around Bonnie and Jeremy. I kind of typed this in half an hour or something. And it’s really late. So apologies for any mistakes in advance.

Bonnie scanned the room letting out a relieved breath. No Kai in sight. Maybe Jo’s dinner wouldn’t be that bad after all. 

Jo had invited them all to celebrate her pregnancy and Alaric had insisted for them all to come. The funny thing was, Bonnie couldn’t even ask Jo if Kai was invited. The former gemini witch had started to weird her out with her sudden curiosity. Especially, since Bonnie’s alliance with Kai against witchpires. 

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