So hey I finished that Homestuck pic I started! And in record time, considering all the other stuff I had going on and how much there was to color in this one. So here you go, I ain’t touchin this one no mo. Well okay, maybe a little bit.

Shoosh pap.

And to double-up on the usefulness to the post, here are the links to each of the steps I posted while working on it. I hope that you find it helpful and informative! But I am still learning, so we are learning together!

Act 1: Pencilling
Act 2: Inking One / Two / Three / Four (finished inks)
Intermission: Tools One (drawing & inking) / Two (scanning) / Three (paper) / Four (white ink)
Act 3: Markers - Flats John / Flats Imps
Act 4: Markers - Shading John One / Shading John Two / Shading Imps

Don’t forget to keep drawing! Practice is the only way you can get better, and I know you can do it! I believe in you!