There are many reasons why you are unhappy. It’s mainly the lack of sunlight in your soul. The lack of staring up at the night sky and seeing the stars. The lack of good hugs and the lack of laughter. Well, the truth to the matter is, there are always opportunities to laugh, to smile and to love. There are opportunities to be free, even if it’s in the four walls you call home. Happiness is surrounding you, if you chose to see it.

The Reason Why You Are Unhappy by Amy Kennedy



Of course I like like Tigress! I mean, who doesn’t? She’s a fierce warrior and an exceptional defender of peace. Her Kung Fu skills are to be admired and, y’know, she’s amazing. A bit intimidating, but amazing. 

But I also like like Master Shifu. And I like like Monkey, Crane, Viper and Mantis! I don’t limit my admiration and like-likeness – is that even a word? – to Tigress.