Please, help my friend out!

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Her name is Emily, and she’s going to be studying abroad in Osaka, Japan at the same time as me (and hopefully for the entire year like I am). I, and many others know that  Japan is an expensive country to live in, so any type of contribution helps! Her financial situation is worse than most, but that shouldn’t stop her from accomplishing her dreams!

If you don’t feel like making a donation with no physical perks, not to worry! She’s an amazing artist, and is going to be using her talents to good use (plus other goodies, depending on how much you donate). So, please, help her out! I know most of you have some change to spare!

If you would like to contact her directly, her tumblr/deviantart is as follows:

She also has a YouTube channel (with the same username).

If you can’t help out, please just spread the word!