poidino  asked:

Great idea to get the hiatus fics going again! Based on your post about them -- I have a prompt: Carter is a zombie.

He’s been peering across the desk at her with a kind of fear and a kind of curiosity because he can’t make himself ask who she is and what she is and howhowhow can she be there?

Finally she looks up at him and meets his eyes, squints at him with eyes that are strange and dull, though they still have that smartness behind them, that kindness, and she says “You wanna tell me what’s so interesting about my face?”

And, now she’s looking him in the eye, he can’t find a way to make himself say that the thing that’s so interesting about her face right now is that it belongs to a dead woman, that her skin is going gray and that the holes in her chest leak sometimes when she talks or when she laughs too hard, and what he says instead is: “It’s good to have you back, partner.”