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Some Interesting Harry Potter Fanfic Statistics

For those of you wondering if there is a proportional amount of slash fiction.

If you look at the 30 most named characters, there are 435 possible pairings. Of those, 256 are M/M, 155 are F/M, and 24 are F/F. That means that about 59% of the pairings should be M/M, 37% should be F/M, and 5% should be F/F (I know that’s more than 100%, but I rounded, it works if you get more decimal places).

The actual percentages are closer to 65%, 32%, and 2%. Which means that M/M is being over-represented and both F/M and  F/F are being under-represented.

Interestingly, if you add in Lily/James (a pairing that doesn’t appear in that original 30 character list), the actual percentages change to 62%, 37%, and 2%, which implies that the F/M proportion is actually basically representative, and it’s just F/F that is being under-represented. 

That’s due, for the most part, to what female characters there actually are, particularly in the top 30. Those characters are Hermione, Ginny, McGonagall, Molly Weasley, Umbridge, Luna, and Petunia. Of those, Molly has virtually no pairings outside of with Arthur Weasley, Petunia has virtually no pairings outside of with Vernon, and Umbridge is almost never paired with anyone. Ginny with Hermione, McGonagall with Hermione, Luna with Hermione, and Luna with Ginny make up 98% of the F/F pairings within that character set.

And He Was The Sun

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Sometimes, Alexander wondered if the universe was jealous of Thomas.

The way his dark eyes sparkled with new ideas, brighter than the North Star. The twinkling in his laughter to rival the glimmers of the cosmos. How each smile, each smirk, each devilish grin was so perfectly curved into constellations with those lips Alexander could kiss for centuries and still wish for more. How his hair would reflect each beam of light on a warm August morning, the curls refracting the glow into a halo, casting gold onto the nearly-black brown. In those particular moments, Thomas was the sun.

Each morning Alexander rose before the sunrise where Thomas awoke, palettes of pinks streaked the sky of Thomas’s small smile, that gorgeous smile that always seemed like it was meant for Alexander and only Alexander. They climbed out from the heavy cloak of sleep to greet the day day, and while Alex was typically groggy and tired, Thomas always seemed so perfectly set into the patterns of the morning, helping each sunbeam dance through the windows as he pulled open the blinds.

As the sunlit windows of morning shattered into shards of afternoon, Thomas stayed resolute in his path of day, working through and persevering despite clouds of anxiety and doubt in the sky of his mind. He would laugh out boldly, burning one if they stayed too long, or sit quietly and focus, content to be overshadowed and rained upon with new words from the promise of a better day soon to come.

Evenings were typically soft, gentle kisses on cheek, a hand and the wind tangling Alexander’s hair affectionately, Thomas laughing in that way where he forgets to contain himself and for once just allows the melody to play through. Each note of his laughter a new symphony, a revised chorus, a reprise of a nearly-forgotten song. Alexander wished more than anything to hear such wonder again, if only just once.

Nightfall was subtle, over before it began. The stars in his eyes connected complicated constellations, the names of which were so wondrous it is a mystery how they were lost to the gentle grip of time. Thomas painted dark blues and hints of violet across the sky with each kiss he pressed to Alexander’s face, silent promises of what the new dawn would bring as it burned the pieces it has strewn about during the night and emerged as a phoenix, rising from the ashes;

The universe must have been upset that such brilliance could shine from something other than their own sun and stars. So it had sent a supernova.

Bright lights, flashing in every direction. The sounds of metal crumbling to dust with each crackle of the crash. Fiberglass half-melted and nearly melted into the dark skin of the center of Alexander’s solar system. His halo was no longer gold, then, a sheet white airbag in its place, puffing out around him in effort to avoid the damage he would take from the impact.

And in a matter of time that seemed to pass far too slowly, Thomas had given up his title of the sun, in exchange for rule over the midnight sky.

He was laid out thin, too thin, on the hospital bed, his dark eyes closed and unable to light the stars he had always been so in control of. Curls of his hair tangled into heavy cloud weighing down over his face, and Alexander carefully reached over to brush them out of his eyes. He set the flowers down carefully on the bedside table that was always there.

Alex had chosen daisies this week. At first, he had wanted to throw every daisy ever grown into the bright fire of the supernova that had taken away his sunlight. But with time, he had grown to find a strange srt of comfort with the flowers. Each petal fluttered past his mind, unlocking memories he had tucked away neatly, in effort to slow the tidal wave of grief that had crashed over his mind, water spilling out the edges of his eyes.

Thomas had always made Alexander a flower crown when they went to the park together. Alex would protest that he was much too old to wear one, and Thomas would point out that someone so annoying must be a snobby, entitled prince that he had just so happened to fall in love with. And since Alex was a prince, he needed a crown. After a few kisses, Alexander usually relented and allowed Thomas to place the crown on his head.

But they couldn’t do that now. Not anymore. Thomas’s hands laid still by his sides, the bleached bedsheets stiff beneath him, and the teal robe covering his body so obviously not fitting for the ruler of the kingdom of dreams.

Gently, Alexander pulled something out of his pocket and placed it on Thomas’s head, smiling when he saw how it framed Thomas’s face. The little plastic daisies had been carefully braided together, into a beautiful, although fake, flower crown. Alex smiled and sighed quietly, reaching over and picking up his coat to pull back on. After all, it was a cold January afternoon, and after the first two years, everyone else had given up hope for Thomas.

Sparing a glance at the man in the bed, Alexander’s weak smile began to fade. Two years had passed by, two years of burning sunlight instead of the soft caresses of sunbeams that Thomas bended to his will.

Maybe he should give up. Alexander quickly shook the thought out of his head, closing his eyes tightly. No- Thomas just needed time for his mind to heal. But the idea stayed, lingering like a strong taste of candy that makes you wish you could brush your teeth to block it out. Thomas was gone. He wasn’t gone, as most people meant when they said such a thing. Thomas Jefferson was simply… Not there anymore. He had carved a small place into Alexander’s heart and left it there, somehow able to rest when Alex felt the pain of such an empty space each and every day he spent without Thomas.

Alexander bit his lip and tried to pull his gaze away from the sight of Thomas’s body, but found himself unable to. Because Thomas wasn’t going to wake up, no matter how long Alex waited. And somewhere, deep down, Alexander knew that. The thought had been there the whole time, creeping up on him as a mist until it began to rain heavily from his eyes.

And through his blurry vision, for a moment, just a fleeting second…

Alexander could have sworn that Thomas’s starlit eyes had blinked open.

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Oh no! I hate Cliffhanger. Please carry on - I´m looking forward to the next chapter!

She knew it was foolish to resist. With Jamie wrapped around her, his mouth on hers as they hid in an unknown corner of the castle, she could barely think about her pre-formed plans.

“What are ye thinking, sassenach?” Jamie sighed, breaking their intimate embrace for just a moment as he tried to bring Claire back to him. “Tell me, aye…maybe I can ease yer woes?” Immediately his mouth was back on hers, his hand sliding along the nape of her neck and up under her soft curls.

Claire couldn’t stop herself, nor could she bring herself to make him stop. She needed him. And that was all there was to it.

Blearily she recalled the moment she’d last seen Jamie in this alcove - with Laoghaire gasping for his touch. Now she had subverted that particular detail, bringing Jamie instead under her power. She had no regrets as his tongue caressed hers, his innocent touch resonating with her. With little experience to guide him, he still managed to ignite a passion that she couldn’t reason with.

“I’m thinking that I never want you to stop,” she breathed, her chest heaving as she tried to drag in as much oxygen as possible, continue kissing him *and* talk all at the same time.

“Dinna worry overmuch about that, Claire,” he returned, his free hand slipping to grasp her around the waist as they swayed and danced in the dark.

‘You shouldn’t be doing this, Beauchamp,’ she self-flagellated. She’d resisted by the fireside, but the idea of him kissing someone else had been gnawing at her over and over, through the cold nights buried under the clean sheets she’d replayed her memories of that moment and each time she’d come to the conclusion that she could cope with it – until she’d seen Laoghaire only seconds before, a coy grin on her face.

“No way,” Claire had muttered as she completely u-turned on her *rational* decision.

“We could…” she began. Her tongue tasting the edge of his open mouth as she tugged him backwards using his curls as leverage, “…go back to my rooms?”

“Ah…Dhia,” Jamie cursed, his gaelic cursing sending goosebumps over Claire’s heated flesh, “dinna tempt me, Claire.”

“Bugger it all, Jamie,” Claire cursed in return, her grip on him tightening as he tried to pull away, “I don’t care.”

“You may’ne care, lass, but I do.” he sighed, defeat lacing his tone. He wanted her badly. But not at the risk to her reputation. “I dinna mind having ye this way, Claire, kissing and holding you close. But anything more would be a sin.”

“Sin or not, Jamie, you want me and I want you. Just come with me…please?” She begged. Seeing him around the castle and not being able to have him had her in knots and now, here in the quiet part of the castle with nobody around, Claire couldn’t resist. And she didn’t want him too either, though she knew it was likely he would win this debate.

“Claire,” he began, and she knew immediately she was right. “I respect ye too much fer that, aye?”

Unable to hold her nerve, her heart still pounding in her chest as the scent of him swirled around her she simply nodded, her head dipped so that he couldn’t see the disappointment in her eyes *or* the red flush in her cheeks.

Jamie clasped his hands around Claire’s as he stepped back a little. Claire continued to focus on his clothed chest as she tried -in vain- to come up with a good enough reason for him to accompany her to more *private* location.

“I’ll see you back to the surgery thought, alright?” He soothed, trying to stop her from feeling embarrassed. “…and it is true,” he said, a subtle want in his muted tone, “I do want you, Claire. I want you so much I can barely breathe.”

End one cliffhanger…and begin another. Why not? I still love you all. Promise. 

After Ever After

A Robert Small X MC Daddy

[This happens after the Game with Robert Small’s Route]

After all we’ve been through, I can really see the improvements Robert has been doing. He really is slowly putting himself back together. Every now and then he’d ask me to hang out but instead of spontaneous out of this world adventure, we’ve settled down for movies, pizza (with pineapples on it of course), and lazy hang outs at home watching history channel – which Amanda luckily doesn’t really mind; in fact, I think she has gotten to like Robert just as much as I do.

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Kuromahi swimming together in which kuro is a lot more ripped than mahi thought snd now sunshine boy cant stop staring❤️ thank you dear❤️❤️

KuroMahi {17: Swimming Together}

“I’m back, Kuro! You can go change now.” Mahiru leaned over Kuro who was laying on the beach blanket. He opened his eyes briefly before closing his eyes again with a small protest that it was too hot to move. They decided to go to the beach for the day and Mahiru told him to watch their stuff while he changed. Unfortunately, he already made himself comfortable under the beach umbrella and was drifting off by the time Mahiru returned.

“It’s your turn to change, Kuro. I’ll watch our things now. Wait, before you go, give me your jacket. Seriously, how did you not swelter to death in that things while you were waiting for me?” Mahiru held out his hands expectantly and Kuro shrugged off his jacket with a sigh. He didn’t like beaches but Mahiru looked so excited about going that he had to agree.

“I said that I would come with you but don’t think you can drag me into the water. Cats hate water.” Kuro dropped his jacket into Mahiru’s arms. He watched Kuro leave with a small, satisfied smile because he knew that it was miracle that he could drag him so far from their home. After Kuro was out of sight, Mahiru folded his jacket carefully and placed it inside a bag so it wouldn’t get covered in sand.

Mahiru waited for Kuro to return and he watched the waves. He wondered if he could tempt Kuro into playing in the water with him. Though, he would be satisfied if they did something as simple as build a sandcastle together because he only needed to be with Kuro to be happy. But he thought that it would be good to take him outside and into the sun every once in a while.

As he was lost in thought, something cold pressed against his cheek. Mahiru jumped a little and looked up to see Kuro standing over beside him. Any words Mahiru had were caught in his throat when he saw him. Kuro noticed him gaping at him but only pressed the cone of shaved ice into his hand. “You don’t need to look so shocked that I got you a cone. It’s orange flavoured.”

“Orange is my favourite colour, not food, but thank you,” Mahiru chuckled and Kuro shrugged.

“Well, they don’t have hamburger flavoured snow cones and, if they did, they’ll taste disgusting. If you don’t want it, I’ll just eat both.” At his words, Mahiru quickly took the cone from him. The smile he gave him was well worth the small detour to buy it. Kuro sat next to him on the beach blanket and noticed that Mahiru’s face was a little red. He reached over and touched his cheek. “Hey, you okay? You’re not getting a heatstroke, are you?”

“I’m okay!” Mahiru assured him and pulled away from him slightly. He covered his cheeks with his own hands so Kuro wouldn’t see his flushed face. He knew that he couldn’t tell Kuro the true reason he was blushing so much. His eyes darted around but they would always end up staring at Kuro’s broad shoulders. He knew that Kuro was strong but he didn’t expect him to be so well defined.

“Are you sure?” Kuro asked and Mahiru felt guilty for making him worried. He tried to hide how flustered he was under an excited smile. Mahiru stood and took his hands to pull him to his feet. Despite his slight reluctance, Kuro let him drag him towards the water.

“I’m finished eating so let’s go swim. Going to the beach will be a waste if we don’t go into the water. I brought a pool tube so you can just float if you don’t feel like swimming.” Mahiru sighed contently when he stepped into the cold water. It took his mind off Kuro for a moment but it didn’t last long before he turned back to him. Kuro had the expression of a bored child as he floated in the water. He chuckled and swam after him. “Don’t go off too far, Kuro!”

“Tell the sea that. I’m not controlling this thing.” Kuro said. He knew how to swim but it was tiring so he let the waves take him wherever they wanted, trusting that Mahiru wouldn’t let him go too far. The soothing rhythm of the sea almost made him drift off to sleep. He became fully awake when Mahiru stopped in front of him and hanged onto the pool tube. He was breathing heavily but he still beamed a smile at him.

“I caught you!” Mahiru said but then he realized how close they were. He could count the individual water droplets clinging onto his lean muscles. Considering how lazy Kuro could be, Mahiru was surprised by how well-built he was. He could feel himself blush so he tried to focus on Kuro’s eyes. “I said you could float but be careful not to drift off too far.”

“It’s fine.” Kuro waved away his concern with a small laugh. Mahiru always fretted over him but he knew that it came from a place of love and kindness. He noticed that Mahiru’s skin was tinted red again and wondered if he was getting sun burnt. He touched his arm and kept his touch light in case it was a sun burn. “Did you remember to put on sunscreen? You’re getting red.”

“Really, I’m okay.” Mahiru said as quickly as his heart was racing. He tried not to be overly conscious of Kuro but he couldn’t stop himself from staring when they were so close. Kuro didn’t even seem to be conscious of how he affected him so he said nervously. “It’s just…”

“Yeah?” Kuro leaned closer to him to see his expression. That only seemed to make him blush more and he pressed his forehead against the pool tube to hide his face.

“Don’t look at me like that. You’re going to make my heart explode because…” Mahiru looked up at him finally. He made a vague gesture his hands and Kuro raised a brow at him. Oh God, he was going to make him say it out loud, wasn’t he? “I always thought that you were beautiful and strong but I didn’t expect… for you to look so good… in your bathing suit… Stop grinning like that, Kuro!”

“You look good too.” Kuro chuckled when he saw Mahiru’s shy blush. He had to wonder how someone as wonderful and pure as Mahiru could exist and wanted to tease him. Mahiru gasped when Kuro suddenly let go of the pool tube and sank under the water. Thinking that he was drowning, Mahiru tried to swim after him.

Underwater, Kuro took his arm and pulled him closer to kiss him. At first, Mahiru gasped but then Kuro quickly covered his mouth with his own so he wouldn’t swallow water. He made sure to keep the kiss brief, mindful that Mahiru was human and needed air. Even though he wanted to continue holding Mahiru underwater, he took him back to the surface.

“Kuro, you could’ve made us drown!” Mahiru yelled once he could breath again. His heart was beating wildly and he clung onto Kuro’s shoulders to keep himself from submerging again. He wasn’t certain what took away his breath more, being under water or the kiss.

“I wouldn’t let you drown.” Kuro held him securely and rested his forehead against his. “I thought that the water would cool you off. Need another trip?”

“Stop it, Kuro! It’s not fair what you do to my heart sometimes.” Mahiru blushed but Kuro continue to smile.

“You’re one to talk when you make my heart race every day.” Kuro kissed his nose. “You’re too cute all the time so it’s nice to know that I can make you flustered every once in a while.”

“Once in a while?” Mahiru giggled and corrected him softly. “All the time, silly. I just couldn’t hide it this time.”

Underwater kisses look really romantic in movies but try to keep them brief if you try it irl because air is a thing you need.

[Send me a number and a pairing and I’ll write a short fic for you]

Choose Your Mistakes #33

Part thirty-three of the interactive fanfiction, Choose Your Mistakes. Please check the FAQ and the Setting Info if you have questions, and be sure to make your choice below.

You chose to hug Mare

Originally posted by heykeykey

“Hey, stand up,” you said. Mare did so hesitantly, still unwilling to make eye contact and not letting go of his own arms.
You stepped forward and wrapped your arms around him in a tight hug before he could protest. He was freezing.
His body tensed at your touch, then after a moment he breathed out slowly and relaxed, drooping his head onto your shoulder.

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Zwei, Lord of Corgis, Matchmaker Supreme (RWBY AU Snippet)

This snippet is a followup to this.

Her Royal Highness Princess Weiss of Atlas gave a deep, deep sigh as she watched her father open the capital’s newest temple. It was one thing to have an absolutely gigantic temple to Death. The goddess had recently dealt with their problems by putting an end to their drought, threatening to smite their enemies, and stopping what seemed to be a never-ending succession of natural disasters.


Apparently, Death felt kind of bad about Weiss passing out on the floor of her inner sanctum in nothing more than a silk robe. Oh, and apparently, everyone was now convinced that she was Death’s concubine after Death’s high priest and high priestess had stumbled upon Death trying to help Weiss after she’d passed out.

At least, that was what Death said.

According to the high priest and high priestess, Death had been ravishing her with merciless abandon, leading to Weiss passing out from the unbridled pleasure of being taken by one of the most powerful of the gods.

Weiss’s eye twitched. She was pretty sure she’d remember if that had happened, and Death had seemed just as horrified as her about the rumours. Death’s sister, Yang, the Goddess of War, had even made a brief appearance a few days ago to point and laugh at them as the rumour had gained more and more traction.

Good grief. Weren’t the gods supposed to be beings of unparalleled might and wisdom? Instead, she’d found out that Death was addicted to cookies and that Death’s sister loved to prank her by doing things like adding ‘sexy princesses’ to the list of acceptable offerings.

And now Death’s clergy were adding to their many, many, many eccentricities. They had convinced her father that the kingdom needed to thank Death for her recent generosity, and that was on top of convincing her father that Weiss was now Death’s concubine, which meant that Weiss was now the official go-to person whenever they needed Death’s help, which in turn meant another trip to the inner sanctum in a silk robe with a plate of cookies. 

And what better way to thank Death than to build a temple next to hers for her beloved dog?

Yes, that was right. Death had a dog. A divine dog, who was apparently the Lord of Corgis. Weiss covered her face with her hands. What kind of world did they live in when there was such a thing as a Lord of Corgis?

As her father finished dedicating the temple, there was a brilliant flash of light before a dog appeared.

“All hail Zwei, Lord of Corgis!” the high priest cried. “Bow before his cuteness!”

To Weiss’s abject horror, people began to bow. Was this real life? Within moments, Weiss realised that she was the only one not bowing. Her father glared at her. If bowing to a dog was necessary for Atlas to survive, he’d do it, and he expected the same of her. However, before she could bow, Zwei trotted over to her.

Weiss looked down. The dog was exceptionally cute and adorable. Indeed, if the gods themselves radiated the very essence of power and majesty, then Zwei radiated the very essence of cuteness and adorableness.

The dog nudged her leg and wagged his tail.

The high priestess looked at Weiss. “Pick him up, Your Highness. He likes being carried. He makes us carry him whenever he visits. As Death’s new concubine, it is your sacred duty!”

“I am not her… fine.” Weiss reached down and picked up Zwei. The dog wasn’t very heavy at all, and he gave her face a friendly lick. “What now?’

“Now… you carry him until he either wants to get down or leaves,” the high priestess replied. “Or until Death arrives. She usually lets him come down here if she’s busy, and she comes to collect him when she’s done with whatever she’s doing.”

“Busy?” Weiss frowned. Death being busy probably wasn’t a good thing. There must be some awful, horrible war or plague going on. “Fine. I guess I’ll manage.” Zwei smiled at her, and Weiss found herself smiling back. He really was adorable. “What do we feed him?”

X     X     X

Death sighed. “Nora, what have I told you about smiting stuff?”

The Goddess of Thunder, Storms, and Smiting Stuff shuffled her feet nervously. “Um… to not smite stuff without checking first?”

Ruby pointed at the huge, gaping hole in the sky that was surrounded by towering pillars of lightning. “Look at the sky. Just look at it.”

Nora huffed. “A dragon tried to eat Ren!”

Ruby looked over at the mortal who was still staring at the sky in disbelief. “Nora, you could have asked me if Ren was going to die.” She looked over at Ren. “You weren’t going to, by the way. You’d have escaped with a little bit of singing and a limp that would have gone away after a couple of days.”

“Uh… great,” Ren said.

“Anyway, even if you had to kill the dragon, you didn’t have to tear a hole in the sky. We’re going to have to fix that, and mortals are going to be freaking out all over the world until we do. I’ve already got people praying to me for help in the coming apocalypse. They think its the end of the world, Nora.”

Nora hefted her hammer. “If that dragon didn’t want to get annihilated, it shouldn’t have tried to eat my mortal.”

Ruby looked at Ren. This was getting ridiculous. This was the third time this month that Nora had gone overboard smiting something that had so much as looked at Ren funny. She needed to deal with this. Sighing, Ruby wove her power into charm and handed it to Ren. “Here. This is a get out of jail free card. If something would kill you that isn’t supposed to kill you, it will trigger and send you to Nora.”

Nora’s eyes narrowed. “You’re giving him one of your charms? You better not be trying to steal my mortal, Ruby.”

“I’m saving us all a lot of trouble. This way, you won’t have to worry about something eating Ren or murdering him while you’re busy.”

“I guess…” Nora shrugged. 

“Good.” Ruby took a deep breath. “You’re going to need to speak to Glynda about this.”

“What?” Nora wailed. “But I don’t want to…”

“She’s the one who has to fix it, and since you broke the sky, you’re the one who has to explain to her how it happened. Me? I’m going to go pick up Zwei. He’s in Atlas.” Ruby grinned. “They actually built him a temple.”

X     X     X

Weiss had somehow been roped into giving Zwei a bath. How exactly did one go about bathing the Lord of Corgis? The answer was with a great deal of effort. The canine seemed to find splash her with water to be absolutely hilarious, which meant that Weiss was completely drenched.

She’d finally managed to give the dog a bath, so she’d decided to give herself one as well while Zwei waited outside. Unfortunately, she hadn’t counted on the dog’s ability to walk through a door like it wasn’t even there. 

“Get out!” Weiss shouted, pointing at the door. “I’m having a bath!”

The dog tilted his head to one side, smiled, and then promptly headed for the door - with her clothes in his mouth.

“Ah!” Weiss lunged after the dog. Sure, she was naked, but he was dog. He wouldn’t care.

Death appeared at that exact moment.

“Huh…” Death stared from the clothes in Zwei’s mouth to the princess whom they belonged to. “Bad dog.” 

“Your Royal Highness,” one of Weiss’ maids opened the door. “Is the Most Honoured Dog in… oh.” The maid looked from Death to Weiss, ignoring the dog who was happily wagging his tail. “I see.” She bowed low. “Please, forgive me Most Honoured Goddess. I can see that you and Her Royal Highness are about to be very busy. By all means continue. But I beg of you, please remember that the princess has a diplomatic ball to attend tomorrow night. She will need to be able to walk.”

Death stared. “Why wouldn’t she be able to walk?”

“Because of how thoroughly you will undoubtedly be ravishing her.” The maid nodded sagely. “Your clergy were most clear on this matter, Most Honoured Goddess. We are to let you ravish the princess as mercilessly as you wish since she evidently enjoys it immensely.”

“…” Weiss tried to say something, but her mind was drawing a big, incoherent blank due to her overwhelming embarrassment and rage.

“You should probably go,” Death said to the maid. “Otherwise, I might be coming for your soul sooner rather than later.”

“Ah.” The maid quickly retreated. “Thank you for the warning.”

Weiss’s subsequent scream of frustration was heard throughout the palace and was taken to be yet another sign of Death’s incredible prowess as a lover.

happy birthday to me

yes, hi, birthdaygirl here! (i know i’ve been pretty absent but hear me out) in my 23 years of living i’ve learned a thing or two, and one of those things is that as fun as it is to get presents on your birthday, it’s always more fulfilling to give something in return. so.

some of you might remember me mentioning something about a new solangelo au story. many of you maybe remember the prompts i did a while back, especially how many of the prompts i did turned out to circle around the idea of nico and will being childhood best friends.

see where i’m getting at?

no, you’re not getting a whole fic today. but, BUT! i’ll give you something! i’ll give you a sneak peek, like i did once before with my high school reunion au

this story will have maybe five chapters. CHAPTERS, wow, i know! it’s something of a childhood best friends au meets high school au, i guess, and it’ll go back and forth between parts of their childhood and senior year of high school. and maybe some bits and pieces onward, we’ll see.

(btw, if someone would be willing to help me with some facts about senior year in american high school, message me! i’d be forever grateful.)

ANYWAY. as a birthday gift from me to you, have a small bit of chapter 1 of my coming soon story, phoenix and turtle, just under the cut! hope you like it!

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Azriel Fan Fiction Chapter 14

So sorry this took so long to get up. I’ve been super busy and lazy so I finally got to finish it this morning. I hope you guys like it and I’m sorry if it’s not that well written. Next chapter coming soon and Tarquin Fan Fiction chapter 1 coming sometime this week :)

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Camp Hope - Rafael Barba x Reader

Originally posted by rafaelbarbasvu

Here it is you guys. My first Barba fic , I’m so nervous holy shit. The first part of my work inspired by @ohbelieveyoume‘s HC “An Age Gap”. I gained a lot of followers who wanted this, so I hope it’s worth the hype. 

Working on part two ASAP. 
Enjoy it and give all the feedback you want, comments are very much appreciated! 

AO3 link~

Part 1 - Part 2 (coming soon)

Word Count: 5,556
Warnings: none

“This is a bad idea,” she muttered to herself, as the car started to approach the campsite. “Fuck me, this is a terrible idea.” A hand traveled to her clenched stomach, feeling it heavy and turning into a knot the closer they were to the place.  

“Am I going the wrong way, ma'am?” The driver asked nervously, right after listening to her mumbles.

His voice made her suddenly remember she wasn’t alone, causing her cheeks to turn a faint red in embarrassment. “No, no! The camp is right there, sorry.”  

A sigh left her chest, she couldn’t back down, not anymore. She registered as a volunteer for the camp a while ago, and confirmed every single email asking if she was completely positive she was going to attend. The last one sent two days before her friendship with her professor, Ryan, went to hell. He was the one that told her about it, claiming that it would do wonders for her record when transferring to Colombia University. After all, the thing she wanted to become was a teen psychologist. Having a reference from a camp that focused on helping kids saved from abusive homes, was more than perfect for her record.  

“I need to relax, there are going to be more volunteers I could become friends with.” She thought, trying her best to calm down.  

Who was she kidding?  

It was going to be hell, there was no way she was going to be able to become friends with complete strangers in the spawn of four days. It took her a whole semester to feel confident enough to become friends with her own professor, and now, the idea of having to spend three whole days with him after their fight was nerve wrecking.  

“We’re here,” his kind voice snapped her out of her thoughts once again. The young man stepped out of the taxi right away, opening the trunk to take her bags.

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Okay, trying to gauge interest for this idea...

A Hey Arnold/Steven Universe crossover fic.

It is actually remarkably easy to justify since there are multiple episodes of Hey Arnold where the plot is literally “lets investigate this urban legend” and most of the cast is made up of kids who will take a bus to somewhere like Beach City just to prove something like the Crystal Gems are or are not real.

Also I’d get to have Helga really be annoyed by Steven and that image is hilarious to me.


You know that first time Damien was giving me trouble with the Human!Arum story? When I was writing this bit right here?

This is why.

This is an NSFW alternative to one of the scenes that actually happened.

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