Person of Interest 30-Day Challenge - Day 30

Okay, last but not least:

Write a Prompt. Then, look through the tag find someone else’s prompt. Write/Draw it. -

Seriously… I am not really shure, what exactly should I do here. I can’t find a particular prompt for this challenge. But my prompt is: Draw one or all of our fantastic four (Finch, Reese, Carter and/or Fusco) as superheroes.

Person of Interest 30 Day Challenge - Day 30

Day 30: Write a prompt. Then, look through the tag and find someone else’s prompt. Write/Draw it.

I’ve got a few prompts and, rather than whittle them down to one, I’m just going to provide a variety of choices, lay them all out, and if one of them catches your eye, go right ahead. Fic or art, I ain’t particular.

1. Reese/Fusco. Just. Anything. I am super easy to please on this front.

2. Reese vs. Snow: The Great Prank War. Back in my headcanon post, I suggested that John Reese and Mark Snow have been involved in a gradually escalating prank war since they began their careers as CIA hitmen. Anything about this. Young John and Mark playing harmless pranks on each other. Current John and Mark playing hilariously deadly pranks on each other. Stanton stepping out of nowhere and pranking both of them. Go nuts.

3. Scarface/Elias. Elias/Scarface. I NEED THIS. Preferably with some focus on how Scarface is really protective and got worried about his boss during Witness or on how they’re basically Reese and Finch, but with more evil and fewer trust issues.


day 30

really wish this wasn’t a draw one. don’t have tech to copy a hand drawing and can’t draw well on a laptop mouse/pad thingy

but my prompt is if poi is still running 20 years from now. basically old ass team machine. i see clint eastwood as reese, not sure how else this would go.

as for the prompt i did seriesofinterest’s prompt. making the team into superheros. and since i suck and have basically paint(could have done better in the tc whiteboard but o well)

here is the cast as the fantastic four, made in paint for extra shit via a 3 year old laptop.

External image

yeah it’s so bad i might cry.

as for the past 30days stuff send me and ask to carry though with them. also the only things i can pride myself is putting finch in a turtle neck and not making carter hideous by making her invisible.

but as for the original 30 days i have mastered them.