poi season 3 is coming!

@kindaoffkilter replied to your post “I PROTEST root’s season 4 hair is the greatest!”

is this gonna be like you and the legs discourse? because that got weird

The Leg Discourse was the single most surreal moment in my more than 20 years of being a part of fandom. It was more surreal than that time I found myself reading a Harry/The Giant Squid fanfic at 3 am in the morning.

kindaoffkilter replied to your post “You know I’m such a season 3 elitist when it comes to POI and that…”

I’m actually starting to like Gifted, but I miss her being a brunette very much

Speaking of leg discourse, did you know that there was also an identical Hair Discourse a couple of months ago when she showed up with her blonde hair in Gifted? Ah fandom, always finding new ways to sink to even lower depths. 

its-lily-briscoe  asked:

You know I'm such a season 3 elitist when it comes to POI and that absolutely holds for Root's hair too. But I feel like a strong argument can be made for her hair in The Cold War & If-Then-Else as well. Her waves looked really great especially during the analog interface scene with Gabriel.

You’re totally wrong tho because look: (x)

I’ll give her hair points for the stupendous twirling and whirling but it loses points for being too flat. Where is the bounce ™? We absolutely must have the bounce.