poi god mode

Sarah Shahi and the Canary Yellow Ferrari (POI 2x22 God Mode commentary)

Jonah Nolan: “The Amazing Sarah Shahi I think she had a lot of fun shooting this episode. Firing guns, driving Ferraris.”

Richard J. Lewis (director): “She loved driving that car. She was very good at it.”

Jonah: “Oh, she was very fast.”

John: [catches Shaw’s shotgun]  “What’s this for?” 

Shaw: “To help you feel less inadequate while I drive this thing.”

- POI 2x22, God Mode

Greg: “Ohhh! I love that line!

Jonah: “That was a good line, that was courtesy in part of my wife.”   

Lewis: “Here’s when Sarah really impressed us with her driving coming up here. She– she just said: ‘Can I, can I just take it?’” 

Jonah: “Never driven this car before?”

Lewis: “Yeah. Jeff Gibson gave her a little tutorial.” 

Greg: “Did she really drive that?”

Lewis: “Yeah, she’s driving right there. Speeding away.”

Greg: [sounding almost in awe] “Look at that.”