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I’m not used to trust people, especially tv writers -we all know why- so it kinda freaks me out being aware of how much I actually trust POI cast and crew, but at the same time I’m pretty sure my ‘faith’ is well placed when I think that Chris Fisher is posting a POI Noir everyday til S5 finally airs (which means he’s gonna do this for 45 days) just to make us, the fans, happy.


Can we all just give a massive round of applause to our handsome directors of person of interest and the rest of our beautiful POI Crew and Cast. They have created the most thrilling and awesome show of all time and they work their butts off everyday to make sure the show keeps sweeping us off our feet. There’s not a day that goes by, that We don’t appreciate EVERYTHING you guys are doing for us.Thank you so so so much Jonah and Greg and the wrest of the POI Crew and Cast. We love you’s. Sincerely, the Irrelevants.

Reason POI fans aren’t super angry about the death of Root is becuase the show runners didn’t use an LGBTQ+ character to get views and ratings. They treated the fans with extreme respect and didn’t kill Root off for “shock value”. 

The POI cast and crew are wonderful people who never, for a single moment, used the fans or the characters for there own benefit.  

I’m so emotional about the POI news. Sarah coming back for 8-9 episodes… and “I think Shaw has come around to realize maybe this is the person for her in the world”…. and Greg says fans should have “more than hope,” however, because Shoot has officially moved beyond subtext….


I’m so fucking happy. This really is the best show and with the best people…and I’m just…

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i know that lexa's death hurt us all & we are salty & angry and the world is unfair but this ship is good? this ship is confirmed. they have already filmed the whole season & they are canon, it's just a matter of time for it to show

Yeah I don’t know for sure if that is what is causing people to start denying their legitimacy but I certainly hope it isn’t. The whole movement that arose from Lexa’s death is about demanding better representation for minorities and what Person of Interest has done with Root and Shaw is just that.

Yes, of course the had to write in an angsty Shaw “death” because Sarah was pregnant with twins and needed to leave the show for a time. But the way they handled it was so meaningful and respectful to everyone—the characters, the actress, and the fans. They could’ve just killed off Shaw and that alone would have been handled better than the other 90% of LGBT characters’ deaths on television due to the nature of Shaw’s sacrifice and how important it was to the entire world in the show.

BUT they didn’t kill her off. They confirmed Root and Shaw’s romance, delivered a heartbreaking scene, and then two episodes later gave the viewers hope by showing that Shaw was, in fact, alive. And not only that, they also spent the rest of that season confirming how important Shaw was and is to Root by providing her screentime of a lover’s grief, rage, and hope.

And now going into Season 5, Sarah worked her ass off so she could return as Shaw. The writers and actors have promised a Root and Shaw reunion and more. I don’t have any expectations, going into Season 5, of being a let down in regards to representation. One thing Sarah made very clear at the NYCC panel that a large part of why she felt she had a responsibility to return was because she understands just how desperately LGBT persons need representation. She and Amy have clearly been behind the writers and their decisions every step of the way, and someone like Sarah who has vocalized how important LGBT representation is and returned to the show when she didn’t have to, shows me that the POI cast and crew have nothing but good intentions and that they will not let us down.