poi and ping


Harold Finch | Playing By The Rules (5.10 “The Day The World Went Away”)


Michael Emerson’s BEST, MOST PROFOUND performance on POI yet! The tone and deliberate force of his voice turns every word he spews out into stone-cold threats. Bone-chilling.

And the writing. OMG. Sounds very Jonah Nolan. Powerful. Poignant. Frightfully sinister. Dark.

Reminds me of Amy Acker’s powerful monologue in 3.01 which Nolan also wrote. The tone of Acker’s voice. The pacing of her delivery. The deliberate undertones of cynicism, fury, rebellion and retaliation shrouded by her deceptively quiet but cold, dark, undeniably threatening tone, send chills down your spine. If words could kill!


I could watch and listen to Michael Emerson and Amy Acker speak all day. Recite anything and I’ll listen. Honestly. These two are absolutely fucking brilliant in their craft. Even their voices! It’s like, if we could see their voices with our naked eye, they’d be a couple of phenomenal actors, too! Amazing!