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I really like shallura & all the beautiful art that's out there makes me ship it even more. But I'm scared that the writers are just gonna make Kallura a thing despite Klance & Shallura being the pairings the fans really like. Do you think they might consider looking at fans preferences?

I’m honestly not worried about Keith/Allura being a thing. For one, their relationship is one of the most underdeveloped in the whole series. Keith’s most developed relationships are with Lance and Shiro.

The second thing is that Shiro and Allura are both coded as adults compared to Keith and the rest of the teens, with Coran as a middle aged man. It is unlikely that they would suddenly be like “Allura and Keith are in love!!” and I honestly don’t think with their current personalities they’d be very attracted to each other. Although VLD’s Allura is different than her previous counterparts, in previous series when she did end up with Keith, he was a lot more like Shiro.

I don’t think season 2 will be shippy - and I think if anything does become canon it will most likely happen in the last season of the show. However having a fandom full of talented artists/creators/writers I’m sure the writers of the show know which ships and relationships in general the fandom loves/is drawn to. And given that I ship both Shallura and Klance, I’m prone to say that they will both be endgame (or close to it).

Either way, regardless of who ends up with who in canon, I doubt that the fandom for Klance and Shallura are going anywhere anytime soon. ship it for life, y’know?