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Pokémon Go will save the  economy.

(or at least Puerto Rico’s shitty one)

So, before Pokémon Go, Puerto Rico’s town centers and their plazas (town square? idk the USA equivalent) were literally ghost towns. Maybe a few people here and there drinking their coffee at the Plazas–but that’s it. The shops around the town centers didn’t fare well, due to the low traffic of people that walked around the towns and stuff. Many stores had to go away, leaving behind a fuckton of empty buildings for sale for new stores.

Now though…

After Pokémon Go’s release in Puerto Rico (last week or so), everyone has flooded to the town centers and their plazas! Gone are those empty streets, cos now swarms of people are in it! So many people, you can barely walk! And its great, cos those same people are now entering the shops in the town center! And thus, moving the economy!

Like, just yesterday, I was at Cabo Rojo’s plaza, and the line to some shops were huuuuuuuge. And it was 10 fucking PM! And everyone was walking around, battling the two gyms there (I took over 3 times >:3c ), or crowding around the Pokéstops with lures. The ambience was so great and lively! People were meeting each other due to this fucking app!!!

I even entered a small café, and when I asked the owner how were sales going, he was like “I have never gotten this many people! And the funniest thing is that they all enter talking about Pokémon Go!”.  (Also, that café made the best fucking Gyro I’ve ever had, jfc).

Also, there was an ice cream store nearby that was a Pokéstop. And guess what? It had a lure. And guess what? It was fucking crowded. The place is really tiny (doesn’t have tables, even), and the line got to the sidewalk! I’ve never seen that place with over three people inside before!! And now it had, like, a bazillion!

So, I’ll end this with my mom’s illustrious words:

“Pokémon Go is a blessing.”


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so in the middle of downtown in my city theres this little skinny park that they do little festivals in and what not during the year and tonight there was a jazz festival thing with a group by the name of super soul bros playing. 

super soul bros is the name of a group that does jazz covers of video game music. 

so picture this: there’s a bunch of poke stops that circle this park, theres jazz versions of a bunch of old school video games playing in the background, and a shit load of people decide to coordinate lures on EVERY SINGLE POKE STOP IN THE PARK.

it was fucking incredible

fembot77  asked:

Prompt: "Darling, it's not a walk of shame if you return home on a pogo stick" ~Martha

“Business or pleasure?” he answered the phone as cheerfully as he could, considering it was – he cracked one eye open to check the time – 4:58am?!

Beckett’s voice, though, was enough to bring a smile to his face no matter what the time. “Murder never sleeps, Castle. We’ve got a body.”

“I’ll say you do,” he mumbled, trying for flirtatious, but he was pretty sure he wasn’t awake enough yet.

She laughed, though, and gave him the address. He got ready in record time, a fine art he had mastered over the past three years of murders at all hours. Stopping by the kitchen, he prepared a pair of to-go cups with the hottest, strongest coffee he could make within the bounds of it actually tasting good. Beckett would need the extra kick this morning.

He nodded to the doorman as he exited the building, only to stop short at the sight of his mother bounding down the street toward him… on a pogo stick.

“Mother…?” he gaped openly.

“Oh, Richard, close your mouth, darling. After all, it’s not a walk of shame if you return home on a pogo stick,” Martha said airily, breezing past him and carrying the pogo stick into the elevator with her.

He shook his head, hailing a cab and giving the address for the crime scene.

When he arrived at the crime scene, it was to find Beckett and Ryan having a whispered conversation while Lanie went about her business looking decidedly snippy.

“Hey! What’s going on?” he asked, handing Beckett her coffee. She smirked turning back to the task at hand, leaving Ryan to fill her partner in.

“Lanie’s mad because she and Javi are on a break, and he showed up this morning in yesterday’s clothes with his just-got-laid smile on his face,” Ryan babbled eagerly.

Castle let out a low whistle just as Esposito came back from talking to one of the victims.

“I heard you had a good night last night, ‘Sito. Did we interrupt your walk of shame?” Castle asked as Ryan grinned beside him.

“I dunno if you can call it a walk of shame when you head home on a pogo stick, man,” Esposito replied with a smirk.

The smile dropped off Castle’s face in an instant as bile rose in his throat.