pogi :(

Introducing him to your parents for the first time

pogi’s faves edition


*freaking out on the inside*

[DS] *please don’t hate me*…hello  *smile*


[SY] wow… it’s so nice to meet your WHOLE family at once… oh this is your grandmother’s cousin’s son? hello…

[Rap Monster]

*wowing everyone with his English*

[RM] hi i’m Namjoon <3 <3 *whole life story*


*not really sure what’s going on but…*


*just being fucking adorable*

[PO] hello everyone <3 i love your daughter…


*charisma charisma charisma… swag, check. swag.*

[GD] i’m G-Dragon but you can call me Jiyong <3 *cute swag*



[JS] hey…

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