It’s happening again,
It’s happening again,
It’s happening again

And I don’t like it,
I don’t like it,
I don’t like it

She’s my friend,
And I’m falling over,
Just like before,

She’s my friend,
And it’s slowly building,
Emotions I shouldn’t have

She’s my friend,
She’s my friend,
She was also my friend

She was my friend,
Looked what happened,
Picked up my broken pieces

She was my friend,
Looked what happened,
We just fell apart

She was my friend,
She’s my friend

She was my friend,
She’s my friend

She was my friend,
She’s my friend

I am so afraid of what will happen next.

—  The Art of Friendzone, @anonnotsoanon
If you still think about him, it’s okay. If he’s still all you can talk about, it’s okay. If you still can’t fall asleep because of the thought of him on your mind, it’s okay. It’s okay, because all of these things will slowly fade. It’s okay, because one day you’ll wake up and realize you’re over him. You won’t forget him, but you will see that being without him will make you a little less sad every day. So don’t give up and believe in yourself, because it will all be okay in the end.

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(quotes are not mineee)

“People still swim after tsunamis, fly after hurricanes… and love after heartbreak.”

-DY // twelve words for 12am thoughts // natural disasters aren’t the end of the world

Today I forgot about you. I woke up late and ran to my car, throwing in my backpack and cramming the keys in the ignition. I sped to school and walked through the day smiling with my friends and frowning down at my tests. I drove home singing as loud as possible, windows down, going a little too fast on the back roads I found after you. I’ve never felt so free, a little drunk on the thought of being happy without any strings attached, namely you.
—  g.e. // February 24th
Only in our hearts we may find peace. We may find the courage to pursue happiness and the willing to aid those in need. Open your heart and let your soul run wild, you will never know who needs love and who needs your soul. You have every capability to fill your heart with love and spread peace to those around you.

Love and peace by Amy Kennedy


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Don’t you dare lie to me with the same lips you kissed me with.
When we were together, the first thing we would
do in the morning is tell each other about our
dreams. You were stuck in a maze and she didn’t
have my face but you woke up calling my name.
I know, you were just a lost boy, pawing around
in the dark, learning our story in braille. But I
know that I deserve more than a box of darkness,
no matter how you try to gift wrap it. I deserve to
be loved in the light. With the windows thrown
open. On silk sheets. With rose petals in our
mouths. You turned my heart into an acrobat
and then left with the net. I know, I’m just the
circus trick. The ghost town that neither of us
will escape alive. I am the song you keep on
repeat. You learned young how to keep your 
heart closed off, and you didn’t know what to
do when I learned how to fit my hands through
the barbed wire. In case you ever still wonder,
last night I had a dream that I jinxed myself
and now it’s raining on my parade. The thunder
crashes. The power goes out. I still call your name
in the dark.
—  DREAMLAND, angelea l.

It’s not foolish
to put everything 
in his name. For 
there are no 
name in
I have no property
but myself. 
He sees me 
in long dresses,
and calls me love.
I would give him
all my dresses. 
All my names. 

There are just so 
few people that 
understands love.
Cause we 
would rather 
be controversial 
than love a good man.

—  The Short Poems Series by Royla Asghar
She’s that
mysterious yet authentic
of a new moon’s night.