Should I Ever Go Back

Should I ever go back
and have a choice, this time,
I’ll stay, and take what I must,
I won’t leave you, alone
with them
I won’t think, only of me
I’ll laugh more, and sooner
I’ll pull you out of fear,
your Gehenna inside,
we’ll not believe their lies
we’ll not let them decide,
pretending truth, a flexing
noose dividing living from dead

Should I ever go back
I’ll remember that time
how they’ve destroyed you,
and I’ll let you take
some of my strength, protein-
filled stories I told myself
when our world was too much
and you’ll sit mesmerized,
a child of hope, for once,
you’ll come to now, stronger,
I’ll know more that time,
being saved alone, is the same
as living, part time, in hell


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A daisy field sways in wind
Grass bowing, fairies shopping,
Pretty skirts, tank tops,
The yellow centers
make excellent polka dots,
I pick them, light shines around,
I’m yellow glow, white edges,
They give me more time with you,
And I’ll murder daisies,
Mercilessly, for that


The Warm Bed

He stirs first
tangled up in her
He tucks the sheets beneath her.
Sleeping on, unnoticing.

I’d wake and the home smelled
of fresh breakfast, coffee
and it’s somehow warmer than the bed
Now a faded memory.

Could’ve been a Monday, or any day
I won’t, can’t, even make coffee.
Who would’ve thought, who would’ve thought
I’d ever see an end to those days.