I fell in love with the way she was so honestly broken; a mess of a girl with the face of a Michelangelo angel.
She was a picture colored without precision, scribbles of color outside the lines.
She was a white t-shirt covered in coffee stains. She was a napkin with a phone number drunkenly scribbled upon its face.
She smoked to die slowly and yet she looked at this ugly world with blue eyes of curiosity and passion. Holes in her old jeans and a collarbone that could cut glass.
She ripped her beating heart out of her chest and placed it in my trembling hands “hear, it’s yours” she said.
She was a dying planet the world knew nothing about. A galaxy inside her mind. Sun in her eyes and a heart bigger than the moon.
I think God made us out of the same star,
ripped our heart in two and gave us each half.
You don’t know what it’s like to live with a broken heart until you find its missing piece beating in someone else’s chest.
—  indieluhv
it terrifies me that i want to change my life for you.  that if you asked me to, i would in a heartbeat. i always said i wouldn’t give up my plans for love, but that’s easy to say when you’re not in love
—  the good thing is, you’ll never ask, the bad thing is, you don’t have to

Not all people are good, but likewise,
not all people are bad.
Do not let the wrongdoings of a few
taint your judgement of the whole.

You will meet people who will tear you down,
and break you every chance they get.
But you will also meet people who do nothing
but bring you up, and mend your pieces.

Do not lose hope.

—  “We need a little more of that these days”

I know sometimes all you do is survive and that may not seem enough but I am thankful for that ,

sometimes all you tell yourself is to keep it together a little longer

The bags under your eyes tell me about the lonely nights you survived

How many times did you convince yourself that there’s a point to all this ,to all this living even though you can’t seem to find one now ?

Everyday you get ready and pick up your broken warrior heart and teach it to breathe even when it wants to give out

Every single moment you are pushing yourself and you may not see it but I want to tell you, you are doing a great job and remember the universe answers the stubborn.

You will find everything that you dream of if you keep pushing so teach your warrior broken heart to breathe again
because the universe answers the stubborn

—  Kriti.G
do you remember the waiting? the unnecessary tapping of fingers against tables. telling yourself the phone isn’t gonna ring any faster, baby. telling yourself you can live without them. you don’t need anyone is what you think. you don’t need anything. who cares about love when there’s a new show on the television tonight and your favourite meal is cooking and autumn is so soon. do you remember the waiting? you tell yourself it’s normal to love, it’s okay to fall every once in a while. but you still haven’t figured out how to love them without giving up a part of yourself, too.
—  it’s okay to love but how do you not lose? // r.e.s
people asked her all the time
“do you know what it feels like
to fall in love?
her response was simple
never fall in love
never have your heart stolen
but alas she met a girl
(a very lovely girl)
who spun stories out of air
and found light
in all things dark
and one day
just like she came
she disappeared from sight
dropped off the edge of the world
(she seemed just like the type)
and for some reason
(but not love! she swore)
her heart aches for the touches
that never were
and her eyes well with tears
whenever she thinks of this blasted girl
but it was not love she swore
love was evil and stole
this girl left her with something more
—  it was love 
1) Just because you get into a relationship, doesn’t mean that your life is finally fulfilled. Just because a boy came into your life and made you happy, doesn’t mean that it’s the final piece to the puzzle. There’s so much else to work on with yourself, other happiness to find, such many other things to do than fall in love. Love may be everything, but it’s not everything.
2) If you repeatedly cry in a relationship, something is seriously wrong.
3) Confidence, self-worth and self-love comes from within, not from him telling you that you’re beautiful, pretty and wonderful.
4) He can love you in a certain way and you can love yourself in another way.
5) If you start to get that small feeling in your gut, that the person you’re with is probably not the right for you, then you’re most likely right. Trust your instincts with that.
6) You might look perfect today. Your hair falls daintly over your shoulders and your makeup is absolutely flawless. It doesn’t necessarily mean that today will be a good day.
7) Buying new clothes will not make you happy in long-term.
8) You can have many sides to yourself. You can be sporty, girly, tomboy-ish, artsy, casual, smart and silly at the same time.
9) Labels are overated.
10) Your partner’s personality doesn’t define who you are.
11) There will never come a time in your life where everything is perfect and you’re feeling nothing but happiness. Struggles, pain, problems and mistakes will always be here and there in your entire life.
12) You will never fully stop caring about something that once meant a lot you, that you perhaps lost. There will always be that little part of you that still cares. That’s perfectly normal.
—  t.j. // Some of the many things I learned this year

Loneliness is so mainstream nowadays. And I am just one of those hipsters who enjoys it. And I don’t know if I can blame the music industry for creating “love music” that contains lyrics that talks a lot about sex and drugs and more sex and they label it as “love”. And I don’t know why that gives them the right to brainwash the innocent hearts and minds of society. I really don’t know why.

Or should I blame the film industry? For making me believe that I have to be a cute guy for me to find a beautiful girl for me to be happy for the rest of my life?

Or how it teaches us to change who we really are for the person we love like how Ariel gave up on being a mermaid. Like how she gave up her real beauty just to be loved by the man who “loves” her just the way he thinks she truly is.

Or should I blame writers like me? For writing poems or novels about love that are just pure fiction. And love is non-fiction.

Yet love and fiction are two separate worlds that are so close yet are so far away from each other. And sometimes we just have to choose between love and fiction. Sometimes we just have to make a choice between love and loneliness.

Yet I don’t want to be one of those writers who writes love as pure fiction—as pure lies. 

I just want to tell the whole world the truth. 

That I just want to be extraordinary rather than mainstream. 

That I just want to be loved.

—  Love and Loneliness by Juansen Dizon
No, I am not silent,
even trapped in this cage.
I do not know why the
caged bird still sings,
but I know why I roar,
scream, with a tiger’s voice.
I may be pretty,
which is nice of you to think,
but I am a lion, a tiger,
not some domesticated cat
that is just a bit moody.
No, I am beautiful in the way
that only wild dangerous creatures
can be.
I know why I holler out,
day by day.
Do not think me tame,
even when I pace to and fro,
there is a wealth of anger here,
an old fierce anger that rails
against the ideal of a cage.
This is what makes me a force,
for even while I wait in silence,
and the caged bird sings,
I am waiting with teeth and claws,
I will not be silenced.
—  Why the Tiger Roars - CK
They break you and then they say sorry. When you break a glass, you don’t say sorry, you try to fix it. So, fix me. I don’t care about apologies, they’re just words shouted into the void. I need action, I need proof that I’m worth of being loved again, even when I am broken.

the words within me
are simply up to mischief
they dance about my mind
scattering tiny love notes
scribbled with invisible ink
that can only be seen
through the lens of a quiet soul
then hide and wait in silence
to be found
to be discovered
to be nurtured
and then laugh in secret
amongst themselves
when i get the message
completely wrong

Brie • mischief