poets & pets

“stay strong through your pain
grow flowers from it
you have helped me
grow flowers out of mine so
bloom beautifully
bloom softly
however you need
just bloom”
Rupi Kaur, Milk and Honey


Acqua che cade dal cielo.

In continuo fermento

non si arresta un momento.

Scende, bagna, accarezza.

Fa assaporar la sua pienezza.

Fa crescer forti queste piante,

creatrice di vita pulsante..

Rigoglioso è questo verde

che grazie a lei non si perde.

Acqua fresca,

che disseta il viandante,

lava le lenzuola dopo che è passato l’amante.

Arriverà al mare

e porterà via con se ogni male.

Simone Balbi 19-05-2017

Always by my Side

They all said you’re a pet,
But you were always my sibling,
The one sibling I hardly fought with,
the one who never let me eat in peace.
I’d come home, tired of people killing me one by one,
when I thought I had nothing, I was nothing,
you’d come, wagging your tail,
sat by my side.
Your eyes did the talking,
and that was all I wanted.

lingeringlilies  asked:

A question for your poetic expertise: what do you think of the recent "bredlik" meme?

tou j’s my nayme
i fuckyn luffe
thys goode pur meem
that is mayde uffe
moste symple rimes
and tendyr art

plus anymales

they tuch my harte

seriously, as a certified pet-lover, poet, and specialist in seventeenth-century british literature, this meme was pratically made for me. it combines three of my great loves: animals, poetry, and pseudo-middle english. i particularly enjoy this discussion and this discussion on the conventions of the bredlik form, and this particular poem may be my favorite. it almost made me cry last night. this poem is also pretty amazing. i’m considering making my students experiment with the form to help them get a handle on meter.


This small life in the palm of my hand
Wants but nothing,
To survive


He springs up from his nest
Investigating the case,
What do we have here?

I could stroke his soft fur for hours
Watching him live,
And never get bored,

God created such wonders
For love and enjoyment,

What a world
What a place,
What a creation.


When I imagine my future
I see
A house filled with pictures
Of us
Of where we’ve gone
Of random things you took photos of
A bed with messy sheets
Two people
Sleeping ‘til after noon
And a table with two glasses
One of vodka
One of whiskey

Then there’s something licking my face
Barking for attention
And a groaning between my arms
Shifting closer to me
It’s Sunday after all.

shadowhunters fluff/sitcom/everyone is happy universe episode 1: pet shop

jace wants to get a pet to therapeutically heal from the falcon story and the gang goes along for moral support

once confronted with all the pups and kits and adorable faces the gang is suddenly much more invested and investigate ‘for jace’

luke is kind of bummed at first bc he used to love animals but now that hes a werewolf animals are always scared of him. but he doesnt want to ruin everyone elses fun so he tries to stay out of trouble and drifts to the back where he finds a wall of reptiles. one thin green one seems to be looking right at him. ‘just like harry potter’ luke thinks, smiling to himself. it is just like harry potter, luke. he tentatively reaches into its cage and picks it up. it wriggles around in his hands contentedly and wraps itself around his wrist. its smooth cold skin is refreshing since luke usually runs pretty hot since the change. he turns around to show someone his new friend (hopefully simon since hes always been terrified of snakes) and sees magnus holding a 30 pound yellow python around his shoulders. ‘just like britney’ whispers luke. ‘JUST LIKE BRITNEY!’ cheers magnus.

izzy and alec, meanwhile, gravitate towards the kitties and puppies respectively. they playfully banter over the differences between cat and dog people, quickly becoming less casual and more competitive. they give each other a look. cut to 10 minutes later theyre giving their troops battle speeches before they send them down the racetracks and obstacle courses they made out of treat boxes, jimmy jabs style

clary and simon go with jace to look at the hamsters and mice and bunnies. jace, with at least 2 tiny soft little furballs in each hand and a tear in his eye: ‘theyre okay i guess.’ simon and clary politely ignore his sniffling, even when he uses a guinea pig’s fur to dry his tears. clary and simon are good friends. theyre all amusing themselves picking out animals that remind them of the rest of the gang when simon says ‘guys. uh.’ by some wacky twist of circumstance simon has managed to release every single rodent in the store. ‘we should tell someone’ simon says intelligently, eyes wide with worry. ‘NO WE SHOULDNT WE CAN HANDLE IT’ jace and clary whisper frantically, eyes wild with determination. as it turns out, they can not handle it. they can not handle it at all.

Bearded Dragon

Her home is a pharaoh’s
tomb filled with sand.
Twin suns locked in
hanging cages shine
on glass walls.

Her throne is a hot rock,
simple, suitable for a sphinx
to pose upon, delivering
riddles for crickets
to ponder at their peril.

Her scales are golden
arrowheads bristling from her
tail like manticore’s stings.
Her beard is the mane
of a lion made of gold.

How noble I must be,
then, for her to curl
up on my chest
and fall asleep
in the folds of my shirt.

Creatures crawling up and down my walls
they slipped in through the vents
I didn’t smell them
or see them or hear them
until they climbed up the long
flimsy legs of my bed
they snaked under my blankets
and cuddled up beside me
close and secure and comforting
in a form I didn’t know I needed
fur covered the backs of some
warm and soft and easy to touch
others were rougher
but closer
all of them were lovely
like clouds or snow
or forest moss
something about them
told me they were gifts
the kind that stows away in your suitcase
the kind you never plan on
yet still fall in love with
the best kind
life spilled out of them all
into me
and each other
so much so
that none of us
ever needed to breathe
we had each other
and things were wonderful
—  A.O.A.M. || Monsters Under The Bed
It wasn’t the same as with
other people. When I lost you, I mean.
It wasn’t the same.
Because, when I lost you
my heart scarred in all of the
places you had touched it. Every
pretty word you’d said to me
became ugly, every laugh I had laughed
for you was replaced with staring
at the wall for an hour, wondering if
I was dreaming. When I lost you,
I thought that maybe I hadn’t lost you
at all. I thought you’d pick up the
phone and call, or at least send a message.
When I lost you, I lost a piece of myself.
Because, you came into my life with a bang,
changing the way I viewed
people, and city lights, and stars,
and everything. And losing someone
who changes everything hurts.
It more than hurts. It turns feet into
heavy blocks that you can’t lift for days,
and it makes your lips so sore
that you won’t open them to speak.
But when I lost you, I missed
you, and I hated you, and it hurt
so much I couldn’t even cry.
But it’s okay.
When I lost you, I lost a piece
of myself, but new pieces have grown
in its place, and it’s okay.
It’s okay.
—  WHEN I LOST YOU // r.e.s
life lessons from a bowl of ramen

happiness is an egg–
soft boiled.

broth is best after a long simmer.

to relieve stress:
punch people in the face
more often.

talking to a bowl of ramen
may be a sign of mental illness.
seek professional help.

both existence and nonexistence
are valued equally by the universe.

do not bother someone
eating a bowl of ramen.
they may punch you
in the face.

sadness is tofu.