The Conversation...

Did you know that I could feel you in my room?
I’m sure you entered only moments ago
You feel heavy, foreboding.
I cannot see you, yet I know you are there.
You have the faint smell of finality about you.
Do you care for conversation?
Who made this decision for me?
Why was I not involved in it’s conclusion?
Are you moving closer now?
You frighten me.
I can feel you linger.
I am not ready for this.
Sudden shivers of icy cold fear cover me in strange goosey pimples.
Over in a blink, they stand straight to attention, and uniformly disappear.
My mind turns to chaos
Did I hear my name?
I have lived a thousand lifetimes, yet not accomplished one
I always imagined that this would hurt
Where has my pain suddenly gone?
You feel so familiar
Have I known you, once, before?
Why won’t you answer me?
Where shall I end up?
I wasn’t ready to go
I thought I had prepared
I can feel you coming closer
Like a dark shadow, you loom
Taking the very air with you
I can’t breathe anymore
The thinning bight holding me here
You have my hand
Awe filled silence surrounds us
For the first time, my mind is calm
There is beauty in acceptance
We are free
We move together in serene silence

The Goodbye! ✌

    I’m nothing more than a BM that you don’t have to acknowledge.

    I have given you the most valuable pieces of me, now like others you want to set me free.

    I was nothing more than a notch on your belt, make me feel special have my heart melt.

    I leave you alone and yet u say u wanna another chance, just so you could be the one to leave me without a glance.

   Don’t hit me with your excuses and don’t bother with the lies, I might be young no doubt but your actions have never lied.

   I tried to push it away saying maybe I’m just tripping, truth is I had already caught you slipping.

  You said you loved me, I should of knew that was a lie.

  You said you loved me, yet you couldn’t say Goodbye.

By: Rylie Rowe
July, 19, 2017

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“Job searching, the devil is lurkin.” 💯
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I just wanna let you guys know that my book is finally up in stock and available for purchase in paperback and ebook format in online bookstores. You can get them through Amazon, eBay, Barnes & Noble, Kinokuniya, Book Depository (just to name a few) and lots more! Go place your orders now and don’t forget to send in the tags #littlemcloudwrites to me okay?
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I’m super thrilled to finally share this exciting news with you guys! As you know, I’ve been working a lot on my pieces and I’m glad to announce that my first ever poetry book is making its debut in online bookstores worldwide soon! I’d very much appreciate your support and love for this and I’ll let you guys know more details on where and how you guys can purchase my book once all is settled and out for orders and everything! Stay tuned okay? I’ll keep you guys updated again!

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