My Quintessence By: Jasmine Farrell
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“Are You Ready For a Journey Into the Soul?  If you love the sound of rain against the roof in the middle of the night, or if you have ever felt compelled to dance to the rhythm of a band that only you could hear, you will love this collection of poetry from Jasmine Farrell.   Each line weaves its way into your soul pulls you into her story. You will find yourself feeling like a fly on the wall watching young Jasmine grow up as she navigates between her family, her friends, and the world. You may even find yourself tapping your foot or swaying back in forth to the infectious rhythm of the verses.  As you make your way through the poems you will experience the full range of human emotions from silly to sad, from happy to ashamed, and from curious to lonely. Each poem is short story with its own plot and character development. Taken all together these poems form a single tapestry of a memoir, each life experience adding to the overall beauty of the creation.  If you care about words and if you believe in poetry, you owe it to yourself to read this book and let its messages soak into your bones.“


Love is Never Far

Love has instilled in me immense strength
I draw the faith from constellation of stars
To be with you, when shattered and destroyed
You lost your name, your trust faded
You kept reading your previous stories in the daylight
And return to me only in the darkness

~ iti (From India)

BOOK - Thousand Words In Million Silent Ways

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be nice

 we all judge with what the eyes sees, assumptions rises when engaging a form of interest in our own kind of beings. If not interests, then a rejecting vibes… or maybe even out of boredom.

the guy who was born and abused, no attention from his parents.. the one everyone singles out and mistreat with verbal abuse because he was always a bit strange… and indeed a bit fucked up in the head. with the nothings that he had, and the nobodies to live for.. just a lot of vengeance prepared. 

6 murders took place, many lost their loved ones, many grieved, many suicides from emotional disruption, corrupted souls grow… lives were carried on with unwanted memories

what a world we live in.

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Napas Rindu

Entah ini yang keberapa kali aku menyempatkan rindu ini keluar
dari singgasananya.
Mencoba untuk menemukan kemana ia ingin berada.
Rinduku berselimut asa yang patah.
Bernyawa namun tak merasakan indahnya cinta.
Hati yang rapuh, dibalik gelak tawa yang bahagia.
Aku mencoba menyapamu, lewat kata kata yang membentuk
barisan penuh makna.
Setiap lekuk huruf nya menyimpan rindu yang diam-diam bernapas
Kenapa kau biarkan matamu tertutup ragu?
Sementara bibirku masih saja ingin berbicara rindu.
Masih ingin menikmati setiap tetes rintik hujan yang turun lewat
daun-daun di taman depan rumahmu.
Aku tersesat dalam labirin berdinding rapuh tanpa cahaya, sendiri.
Sementara aku ingin bahagia bersamamu.
Adakah rindumu akan kembali?
Adakah jejak-jejak yang hilang dapat tertulis kembali?
Dalam jutaan menit yang telah berlalu,
Yang aku butuh hanya beberapa detik untuk menyerukan sesuatu.
Bahwa dalam jarak yang tak terhitung, masih ada satu lembar rindu
yang tertinggal, dihatiku. Untukmu dan selalu untukmu.

Hujan Rindu, Dyaz Afryan

Dark Horse

With my third poetry book “Uncharted” nearly complete I wanted to post one of the poems that I wrote, titled:

Dark Horse

Quick at the lip.

Desire glowing in his eyes, like the cube tied to his hip.


He is well equipped.

The unwanted son.

Betrayed and ripped away.

The forgotten one, will rise above everyone…everyone…everyone.

This is the way it’s got to be.

Only one desire on his mind.

Bitter to have been declined, from his world.

He wants control.

Give him the throne.

 Unwanted son.

Denied so he’ll defy, the ones he loved.

Those words can’t ever be undone.

He will rule another world…another world…another world.

This is the way it’s got to be.

 Don’t they see?

This is what they did to me…did to me…did to me.

 You took my love and tossed it to the shadows, where I was found.

You promised me that throne was to be my destiny.

Did you think I’d comply and kneel before you?

I’ve given you my life as proof.

 I was born for this.

Burdened with glorious purpose, that you will never take away…take away…take away.

 Like a night serenade.

I will wash away, the surface of my brother’s beloved world.

Build a new throne.

Rule the unknown.

And then you will know, I fulfilled my destiny.

This is the way it’s got to be.

 The unwanted son will rise above everyone.


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Savior in Disguise

Tainted in blood I’m unworthy of grace

Washed my skin clean, you erased every trace

A glass filled with nothing, you’ve swallowed my sins

Savior in disguise you love from within

Freed at the cross you shed your love dry

Giving us everything yet many still asks why

“Why should I believe in something I can’t see?

Why should I live for someone other than me?”

I walk a dark path within your efficacious light

dangling off the edge while you’re holding me tight

Deep within my heart lives your Holy soul

Guiding me softly as I’m blinded of where to go

disbelief fills the world with insidious corruption

Grasping conviction while matters undergo destruction

I am unworthy but you still bless me,

Embedded with sins yet but you still forgive me

You are the giver, the Creator, and the mender

Unseen & intangible, you’re my only Savior.

após muitas tentativas e erros, na ultima madrugada finalmente consegui imprimir um boneco satisfatório do livro de poemas que montei. são 44 páginas contendo 10 poemas escritos entre 2013 e 2015. será uma edição artesanal, impressa em casa com muito carinho, com tiragem de 50 exemplares numerados. maiores infos em breve!

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~ iti (From India)