poetry: les mis

Alternate Universe

Enjolras should have realized that the kids would try to figure it out. Turns out high school students have nothing better to do than investigate their teachers love lives.

It started with a few lovesick students who thought that they might have a chance with the scarily-hot political science teacher before their friends crushed their dreams by pointing out that Enjolras was both out of their league and probably taken.

From then on, it became his students’ mission to find out if Enjolras was dating anyone. It hadn’t taken Enjolras long to realize that his students were weird, but this was reaching a whole new level.

Someone overheard (eavesdropped on) Enjolras talking on the phone before school and heard him sign off with “I love you,” which was damning enough to launch an investigation into WHO it was that Enjolras loved.

Mr. Combeferre frowned and shook his head when the kids questioned him. “I’m not going to spill my friend’s secrets. Now run along,” he had said, but one of the kids noticed the edge of a smile on his lips.

Mr. Courfeyrac just laughed when he was asked. “You know who you should ask about this? R. You should ask Grantaire about this.”

Most of the other teachers seemed to agree. There was nothing left to do but go to Enjolras’s sworn enemy.

The art teacher nearly fell out of his chair when his students asked him who Enjolras was dating. “That’s a fantastic question. Who could that ice-cold, pretentious asshole possibly date?”

“Probably someone as beautiful and emotionally cut-off as he is,” one of the kids said wistfully.


“She probably killed her pet goat when she was seven for sustenance and didn’t shed a tear.”

“That’s honestly the only logical possibility,” Grantaire agreed.

The rest of Grantaire’s class for the day turned into character design of Enjolras’s alleged lover. After that, most of the kids resigned themselves to never solving the mystery.

After school, Grantaire went to Enjolras’s classroom. “Were you aware that your wife killed her family pet as a child so that she wouldn’t starve to death?”

“Oh really?” Enjolras said. “I was told that she was a Russian spy.”

Grantaire wrapped his arms around Enjolras’s waist. “Maybe she’s both,” he murmured, pressing a kiss to Enjolras’s lips.

They didn’t notice the student standing at the door. The school went wild.

Literally just targeted Keith in a fic, so I’m going to go with Enj for this one!

For @fevers-and-flus who you guys should also give much love to!!

“Summer is the devil,” Grantaire groans as he slams the apartment door open, shooting a piercing glare to the rapidly blinking thermostat. He drops his keys in the key tray resting on a side table beside the door then moves toward the broken device, jabbing his index finger at the buttons. “Summer is the devil, and you are supposed to be my savior,” he spits out at the thermostat.

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Marius request-Cuddle me

For @hmltntrsh51 who requested anything dealing with Marius cuddles.

~Cuddle me~

“No, don’t leave yet, dearest.”

You couldn’t keep the smile from spreading along your lips, and try as you might Marius’ arms did not untangle from your waist easily. With a sigh, you grabbed his wrists, giggling when he pulled you harder into his bare chest. His beautiful eyes were still closed, hair a mess upon his head as he groaned in contest of your actions. He nuzzled deeply into your neck, inhaling your flowery scent and smiling. His lips tickled your skin, and as much as you needed to leave his warmth was far too inviting to deny.

“Marius…” You whined, falling back into the sheets and shaking your head at him. But, your annoyance only fueled his happiness, making him positively giddy as you snuggled back into his chest.

“Yes, my love?” He hummed, kissing along your shoulder, and brushing your hair away for more access. His lips slid up the nape of your neck, a grin on his face when he heard that wonderful sigh fall from you, another memory of last night coming back to him. He wasn’t ready to let you go just yet, and having you settled into his arms was the perfect way to spend the day. His grandfather be damned, but his heart’s desire was currently resting in his arms and he didn’t have it in him to leave now. Especially once you gave in to his complaints. His duties could wait just a while longer.

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les amis as things that have been said or done by my friends in our group chat
  • Enjolras: “I have not properly slept in four days”
  • Combeferre: “I AM A MOTHERFUCKING RAVENCLAW” “YOU CAN’T TAKE THIS FROM ME” (sent as two separate messages like that.)
  • Courfeyrac: “Tfw you like certain scenes that make you seem aggressively heterosexual but you like them for different reasons”
  • Joly: “*secretly freaking out*”
  • Bossuet: “I ate a bowl of soup for a hour”
  • Grantaire: changed the group names to “sack o’ existential problems”
  • Jehan: “I do everything out of morbid curiosity?”
  • Bahorel: everybody constantly calling each other out for basic things
  • Feuilly: “I’m ready to stab myself with a sleep dagger”
  • BONUS: Tons of other characters
  • Montparnasse: “Should I spend imaginary money or break and enter?”
  • Marius: sends shit in different languages all the fricking time
  • Eponine: “It was a demon rummaging through my makeup”
  • Cosette: sends “tag yourself” memes
  • Javert: me, never really contributing to the chat but showing up every once in awhile and confusing everyone
  • Valjean: also me, making this post but not telling any of them, knowing some of them have Tumblr, and hoping they don’t find this post

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