So please Sherlock fandom of the tumblr world

I am a diehard fan of the original stories, would I be disappointed with the show? I’ve only heard excellent things about it, and Benedict Cumberbatch is adorable and how I always pictured Mr. Holmes, but I’m just worried that my prejduce will make the show not good for me if it doesn’t follow decently. I NEED OPINIONS.

Regret in a Cigarette

Regrets like cigarettes
Burning away with exhales and sighs.

Watch the troubles go up in smoke and disperse
While 19 more smolder in your pocket.

Potential, benign like unburned tobacco
Only deadly once set aflame.

Watch it consume you, and taint the world
Whether in plumes of destruction, or wisps of doubt.

The savory seduction of the wild side
Reprecussed with the hack of consequence.

An exterior mask exuding little self value
While terminal inner rotting prevails.

Regrets like cigarettes how?
Indulgence is optional.

I’m sorry, I just can’t fight this anymore. It’s a constant daily struggle, and it seems to be more than I can bear. For years and years I’ve fought so hard to live, and it’s just not worth the internal anguish I deal with daily. Some may call it a cop out, but I have tried my damnedest for so damn long. I’m just… I’m so sorry.

Here we are once again, moving forward in an attempt to leave behind what we once sought.

Proceeding blindly into unmarked territory, knowing that we may never return to the cave from which we withdrew.

Because within the depths of my heart, I know the adventure only begins when we can leave behind the shadows of the past for the silhouettes of the future

—  Me c: (my brain is letting me write again! This feeling is more amazing than I can explain)
What I Love About My Cave...

Because that is what I think of Tumblr as, my own personal cave I can crawl into and muse, create, relate, or completley blank out; is that I can post whatever I like, whatever odd idea, or uprooted emotion, or beautiful image that may cross my path or mind. Anything I choose, without worry of retaliation, or some kind of conflict or question of what it is or why it is. I can sit here right now and contently know that MAYBE 1 in 20 of my followers will even acknowledge this, and perhaps half of that sit and actually contemplate what I’m saying. This is my cave I can crawl into and be normal. REALLY be normal, by my standards. Maybe thats not the best word for it, but who cares? It’s the word that suits me now.

In a nutshell, what I’m really saying is I like that this isn’t extremely well known, and that more than half the people who take the time to view this don’t know me in real life. I find it very difficult to explain the things that float out of my brain because sometimes I don’t understand it on an explainable level, sometimes it just comes out meant only for me to understand. This is my outlet, and sometimes when I plug in, man can I light up :)