Sometimes, when a bird calls,
Or a wind moves through the brush,
Or a dog barks in a distant farmyard,
I must listen a long time, and hush.

My soul flies back to where,
Before a thousand forgotten years begin,
The bird and the waving wind
Were like me, and were my kin.

My soul becomes a tree, an animal,
A cloud woven across the sky.
Changed and unfamiliar it turns back
And questions me. How shall I reply?

Original German


Manchmal, wenn ein Vogel ruft
oder ein Wind geht in den Zweigen
oder ein Hund bellt im fernsten Gehöft,
dann muß ich lange lauschen und schweigen.

Meine Seele flieht zurück,
bis wo vor tausend vergessenen Jahren
der Vogel und der wehende Wind
mir ähnlich und meine Brüder waren.

Meine Seele wird Baum
und ein Tier und ein Wolkenweben.
Verwandelt und fremd kehrt sie zurück
und fragt mich. Wie soll ich Antwort geben?

Hermann Hesse,  Manchmal

Translated:  Anne E.G. Nydam     

Image: by Warxpro  (via: favim HERE)

“Between” - by me
Pictures taken on January 16-23, 2016

As I sit here, on this bench, between what has flourished and what shall perish, I savor the cruel beauty of time- the nostalgia of what has happened and uncertainty of what’s to come.

Enquanto aqui sento nesse banco, entre o que floriu e o que perecerá, saboreio a cruel beleza do tempo- a nostalgia do que aconteceu e incerteza do que está por vir.

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Out loud
Your lives.

Whether or not
ears pick up
Mind interprets.

But but for that
so much noise?
Well … for nothing.


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🍂 The October issue of The Peach zine has been released which means that it’s time to start working on the November issue!

As of right now we WILL BE ACCEPTING submissions for the November issue! For the November issue we would like for the submissions to be warm, fall-like, and family/friend oriented! 

Here are some submission ideas:

-       Recipes

-       Pictures of family/friends

-       Apples/Honey/Pumpkins/Corn/Coffee

-       Oranges/Reds/Yellows/Browns

-       Native American culture representations 

-       Pictures of changing trees/leaves

Nonetheless, I will consider anything!!

Get to submitting at thepeachzine@gmail.com !!! Make sure into include the title of your submission(s), your name, and age when submitting!!



Love grows from hope, it grows from chance. It grows from a song, and a little dance.

Love grows from laughter, the little seeds; a budding smile is the water it needs.

Love grows through rain, it grows through drought. It springs from moments that fill you with doubt.

Love takes its time, but it can grow strong. Love grows in a place that has been there all along.

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