Barry Jenkins, “Moonlight”, 

Adapted from the Play “In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue” by Tarell McCraney.

“Take care when you speak to me.
I might listen, I might
draw near as the flame
breathing with the log, breathing
with the tree it has not
forgotten. I might
put my face
next to
your face
in your nameless trouble,
in your trouble
and name”.

“When You Speak to Me” by Tess Gallagher

Image courtesy Katherine Du/NPR

Every writer knows the paralyzing terror of the blank page. For poet Tess Taylor, the antidote to fear came through farming.

Taylor is the author of Work & Days, a new volume of poetry inspired by her year spent working on a farm in the Berkshires in western Massachusetts.

In honor of National Poetry Month, we’ve illustrated two of Taylor’s poems – you can find them here!

– Petra

you know that you see her differently than everyone else
that not everyone gets to see
that ever-serious, intimidating face
soften and break into a shy smile
when she looks at them
that not everyone knows
when *that* song comes on,
that that little shake of her leg
is only a couple of drinks away
from becoming a damn good story
that not everyone knows
what that voice sounds like
at three in the morning
when she wakes up just long enough
to say “i love you”
and kiss the back of your head
you know that you see her differently than everyone else
and you hope to god that you’re the only one
because how in the hell could you ever blame anyone
for falling for the her that you see?
—  t.e.

I could love you
like the kind of
stories found within
a cheesy romance hook

I could lust for you
like the climax that’s
nestled in the pages
of a really good book

I could fill you up
my Patience Stone
and love you
until I explode

I could write you
like fiction
trace your skin
morse code

But you’re not a story
waiting to be written
you are fate
I intertwined

When I think
of you love
doesn’t come
to mind

Instead I think
of laughter under sheets
and drunken kisses
in alleyway streets

You are so
much more
than a four
letter word

You are stories
colliding and
intertwining and
we are nothing
but everything

We are so
much more
than love