Can you tell me how you feel? I mean tell me how you feel when your eyes are closed and you become nothing but sound. Tell me about the melancholy hidden behind the breaths you take. What is it that I will find after digging out the sandy layers to your soul? Can you tell me how you feel? I mean tell me how you really feel when your eyes are closed and you become nothing but sound. Tell me why the echoes of your voice crack every time you sing the song of life. Just tell me how you really feel. Tell me how to find you underneath all of these layers. I want to find you. I want you uncovered. Just you. Can you tell me how you feel?
—  Sesa
I’m angry and the only way I know how to cope with this kind of angry is to fade away for a little while until I can figure out how to breathe again without cracking my own ribs.
—  ReBecca DeFazio


I have seen her straight out of bed.

Bed hair, bed eyes and bed smile.

Lying on her favourite pillow, with her favourite cover

Drawn up her body like the most fragile ferocious shield

Waking up after a night that seems to go on forever;

Relentless, tiresome ticking away of seconds that gushed in with anxiety and misery.

I have seen her calling it a night when the sun is about to shine and waking up feeling perplexed with no recollection of how she survived the darkness.

I have seen her straight out of bed and she has looked like the most exotic and lonely thing to walk Earth.

And I do not remember loving anyone else so fiercely.

I’m sorry our story didn’t last as long as it could have. I hope that you’ve been feeling lighter since we’ve parted ways. I hope light has found its way to you. Sometimes I think I should have tried harder. Sometimes I feel like I failed you, like I could’ve put more effort into tending to the garden we called a friendship. I still wrestle with those feelings today, even though I know a lot was truly out of our control. There were chains we couldn’t break, and walls we couldn’t walk through. In the end, I just hope you’re smiling. That’s all that matters to me.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Once A Day (01/31/2018)

“I will break your heart. If it’s not what I do to you that ends up breaking you it’ll be what I do to myself that will leave you destroyed.”

— Cynthia Chapman

You are your biggest priority. What everyone else is doing is none of your business, focus on your own goals and your own aspirations. You have the biggest impact on your life, you decide how you think, feel and act. Do not give anyone else this power. You are your best friend and greatest enemy, it is up to you where you take things.

Things I learned in 2018 by Amy Kennedy


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maybe we’re forever after
three years down the road
or maybe we’re a story
with an ending never told
either way i don’t regret you


                         ~ a girl you used to know

- k. c.