poetry by heart

I need time…

I need time to stop thinking about him when it rains

I need to be able to meet him in the hallways and not have my breath caught in my throat

I need time to forget the way he tastes

I need time to forget the way he smells

I need time to forget what his voice sounds like when he is sleepy

I need time to forget the feel of his lips against my skin

I need time to forget his laugh

I need time to forget his favorite songs and his birthday.

—  I still see his face on other people so please give me time. (Via @spilledinkandtears)
Its Own Reward

Giving all she had to give
living life the best that she could live
when it came to love not a quitter
though receiving little in return
one might suspect she’d be bitter
yet she carried only understanding
for everyone who lived for money
whose greed often died by the sword
as her heart had learned long ago
that kindness truly is its own reward 

“i realize now, that loving him was neither beautiful nor poetic; it was knowingly walking through hell every day and losing myself there.”

- a.m. {trying to love someone who is too broken to be fixed}