poetry spectacles

I breakdown in the middle of the day every time I see something brown because it reminds me of your eyes. I can’t look at any one who wears flannel because it reminds me of you and your favorite flannel shirt. I can’t look at my camera and click pictures because my love for photography was inspired by your passion for it. I can’t talk about the universe or dark matter or sky or anything celestial because they were the topics that I only talked with you. Every time I see a person with spectacles, I can’t help but remember that I’ve only seen you once without yours and even that memory is hazy. Every time my mother drags me to a temple or someone asks me to pray for them, I can’t because you took away that faith in God and replaced it with rational thinking. Every time a guy talks to me I can’t help but compare it with the conversations I had with you at midnight.
—  i wish you didn’t affect me like this but you do and i wish you were more then my friend but you aren’t // JustScribbledWords
They told you empathy meant seeing through someone else’s eyes
So you carved yours out of your skull
Years later,
You’re still waiting for someone to find them and look after you
But that’s not how it works
Sooner or later, everybody wants their eyes back
So they can look after themselves
Everybody but you–and now you’re blind
But all you have to do is put your eyes back in
Here they are
I saw them on the ground and kept them safe for you
—  The Spectacles At Your Feet