poetry sale

to the authors
who have helped me
fall in love with words:
thank you for
sharing a piece of yourself
with the world.
—  by shelby leigh

This little sickie was Typewriter Series #132 a bit ago. Still rings just as true in me heart.

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When you can’t express the hurt you feel so you sit in silence, when you want to cry but you can’t so you just feel the tears . You feel your heart breaking but you try to you keep yourself together with a smile, you’re so broken you can’t express how you feel anymore , because what’s the point crying , talking about it anymore all you say to yourself “my heart is broken ” , “ the person you love doesn’t care ”. “ You can’t keep trying on someone that doesn’t care about you”.

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This book means the whole world to me, I chose every single poem and photograph inside it, and there are some new surprises in the book too. I am sorry in advance if I talk a lot about this in the weeks to come, but this is a massive piece of my heart, spilled out. Here goes…

Mes Pieds Sales

Here’s how it happened: I wrote
a poem and pulled a lover out. He was hiding
between lines, or in spaces between
letters, or in spaces within letters. I can’t
remember. Lovers hide well.

I do my best to distract him from anything
(other than me) worth doing. I feed him
smiles. I feed him daydreams. I feed him
lust. From rise to set (and then some) he anchors
me. I have forgotten all time
when he didn’t.

He cares for me as he cares
for his poems, soft babies. Observation,
attention: every word matters. He knows
what I need, sometimes even before
I do. He provides without prompting:
pleasures without pressure.

Here’s how I know: I came
to him with dirty feet and he loved them. People
say “find a lover who loves you whole,” and people,
he does. Plenty of cracks in this pavement
and there ain’t a one he doesn’t thrill
to discover. I find him with me
at least a forever. A long one.

© 2017 by Jennifer R.R. Mueller

for those
who have loved
and for those
who have been
broken by love.

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(I am taking requests for all categories but fanfiction and the full OC critique from now until the 15th, if you want to see how it works!)

(message me if you’d like a commission! paypal only.)

Yep, you heard me. My need for money has brought me so low that I am now peddling my art like some peasant. Haha, just kidding. Doing commissions isn’t coming from a need for money, but rather the fact that my passion for writing has expanded into something I want to do as a career. And what better way to start than with commissions? Don’t worry, I’ll still be posting my regular writing on my blog. Commissions is only for more specific and specialized (+ very edited) orders that other people want to read.

So where will the money paid for the writing go?
Good question. By buying a commission, you help support my passions, whether it is writing, reading, animal rescue, or even fishkeeping. The extra money will help me continue to create.

How much is it to commission a piece?
Keep reading below for what sort of commissions I will be offering, and what the rates will be!

The first category is fanfiction.

You can see some of previous fanfiction work here and here!

I write only SFW. I also write fanfiction only for fictional universes and characters. Here are the fandoms I can be commissioned to write:

  • Percy Jackson (PJO/HoO)
  • The Chronicles of Narnia
  • The Lord of the Rings
  • Harry Potter
  • Adventure Time
  • I also offer Star Wars, Marvel, and others, although I am not very knowledgable of them.

    I can write AUs, Headcanons, full chapters, short stories, character interactions, ships (no smut, porn, or anything NSFW. Also, please no noncanon LGBT+ relationships, since I have no experience with them and don’t feel comfortable pairing two straight characters together.)

Pricing for Fanfiction:

one page of 1-line headcanons: 1.99$

One-shot Fanfiction: 5$

2 page fanfiction: 8$

5 page fanfiction: 15$

8+ page fanfiction: 20$ + 1$ for each extra page

If you have any special requests, please message me so we can talk it over!

The second category I am opening, is concepts & ideas.

Concepts, Ideas, Abstract Paragraphs:
This is something I specialize in, especially in fandoms. I can paint experiences with synesthesia, create characters and concepts based off of songs and albums, rally people in a fandom, write an experience inspired by a fandom, or even purposely write something that inspires nostalgia, regret, sadness, happiness, or hopefulness.I can highlight values found in a fandom or band, write about the emotion that comes with the book/movie/show/music.

Here are some examples: the time of twenty one pilots, on a ledge, vessel songs as moments of loneliness.

Pricing (Message me if you want to buy something from this category, as it needs further discussion):
Associations with albums/eras/books/songs (i.e songs as colors, books as natural phenomenon, band members as different colored skies): 7$
Aesthetic Descriptions of events & morals included in events (i.e the grammy win, first book published, the growth of a character, how much has changed in a story, the morals found in a song, the way something makes you feel): 6$ for paragraphs that take up pages, depending on length. 4$ for a poem.
Other: message for further inquiries.

OC Design:
yo, i love OCs, and I love helping them be perfected. Do you need help with your OC? Need a good backstory? Not sure what your OC’s astrological sign should be? Does your OC need better costume? Need help assigning your OC flaws? I can help your OC become the best it can be. Not to mention, I can also create original characters. Do you have a song that means the world to you? Maybe an album you can’t live without? I can create a character based off of practically anything that successfully and thoroughly embodies the vibe and persona of that thing. I can also write stories starring your OC. Crossovers, originals, interactions with other OCs, YOU NAME IT!


OC Critique (is my OC well developed? Do they need more/less backstory? Would they work in this scenario? Is my OC too basic? Does my OC need a goal? Maybe my OC has no fatal downfall?): 4$ per questions (which include careful research and analysis) or 15.99$ for an entire OC analysis& designing help.

New OC written design (based off of a place, a song, an album, a book, or anything else): 15$ (includes detailed backstory, astrological sign, relationships, fatal flaws & everything else you need for an OC)

OC “fanfiction” (includes a detailed interaction/scene/character development/etc): 3.99$ for one page + 1$ for any additional pages.

Lastly, but not leastly, is poems and sayings. Another specialty. Simply send me a prompt over messages about a n y t h i n g, and I will write a poem or a saying about it (please specify.) It can be about anything: love, nature, a person, a place, yourself, a time, a feeling, a song, something you love, an aesthetic, a phenomenon. ANYTHING! You can scroll through my page to find more examples of poetry.


one saying: 1$
one poem: 2$ - 3$ depending on length

like the leaves
on the trees
in autumn
I changed my colors
for you
just so I could hear you say
I’m beautiful.
—  autumn leaves by shelby leigh
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I remember every empty conversation but
still I dream we turned out differently.
love heals, but it also hurts and
you were the king of breaking me

(just so you could heal me again.)

–I still love you by shelby leigh

“I love you,” is a nice placeholder for

“I feel disgusting because you hugged me and kissed me and saw me naked and looked at my whole body and my whole self and all my thoughts

And then said my scars were beautiful–

Like I’d want to hear it from you.

Like those scars were yours and that skin was yours and that pain was yours–

And now you’ve gone and gentrified the last part of me that wasn’t for sale.”

Sei quella lettera che vorrò scriverti un giorno, tra le righe del tuo libro preferito. Sei quella lettera scritta alle tre di notte, quella che terresti sotto al cuscino per il resto della tua vita. Sei quella lettera che non faresti leggere a nessuno, quella che poi ti descrive perfettamente e rileggendola ti senti persino bello, e sei stupido perchè giuro che lo sei davvero. Sei quella lettera che vorresti strappare, ma non ti andrebbe di distruggere l'unico ricordo che avresti tra le mani. Sei quella lettera che purtroppo, non ti arriverà mai, quella che non riuscirò mai a scriverti, perchè mi si disintegrerebbe davanti come sale al sole, io che il sale ce l'ho negli occhi.
I split apart, spit, swallow my own potency, own wasted days, own afternoons of go-possible. Wallow. Passing passive. Am I a seed or a weed? There are oceans not yet full of trash, waiting for divers. Mountains with unclaimed peaks (I must believe this). Unsolicited vibes. I go my way in loneliness. I taste a bit of butterscotch. I pass men in their twenties playing Pokemon, for some godless impotent reason. Sex like fast food, better in the picture. What were the promises? To be strong is to be alone. There are fangs in my eyes. You are obsessed with smiles. I am done with sales.
—  Stimie