poetry post

abuse is pain
 abuse is suffering
abuse is food
 i am starving
abuse is horrid
 abuse is disgusting
abuse is romantic
 it is beautiful
abuse is not your fault
 abuse is not permanent
abuse was my choice
 it is my only life
abuse is not deserved
 abuse is cruel
abuse is my punishment
 i deserve all of it

what is the lie
what is the truth
—  poisonous thoughts
“I Would Always Rather Not Know”

There are some things we want with our eyes
like the moon through a window

some we want to just feel
like lingering passion pressed to our chests

then there is you…and us
and a language that closes doors

where secrets spread on the ground
like a blanket of lies

these lies, I would always rather not know
for they burn like your kiss…deep in my soul

she is not one of the guys. she’s got an astounding amount or regality to her. when she’s around, there is a woman in your presence. she wears elegance like skin and walks like she’s on her way to a holy place. she brings men to their knees with only eyelashes and an aura.

he is not ready to be so near such power at his tender age of naivety. but if there is such a thing as fertilizer for the spirit, he is dowsing himself in it now;
for her.

—  let her extract the best out of you, and hope she lets you keep some of it when she leaves;

I’m the pettiest bitch
You ever did see,
And in 3 years time you’ll finally
Be worth nothing to me.

You see I may take long to hurt
And act like I’m ok.
But it just isn’t fair,
That I was just your game to play.

I cared too much and expected too little
And you did the opposite.
Left me here alone
With my heart pick pocketed.

I’m not one to judge, or care, or fuss
But know one thing.
You got down on one knee
And even pulled out a ring.

For I can move on.
Forgive and forget.
But you have to live
With what’s in your heart, regret.

You know I changed you,
And made you a better person.
But you were quick to ignore,
When you saw things worsen.

Passion slowly crumbling,
Falling to the floor.
Always left me wanting
Just a little bit more.

At last you cut the ties,
You left me there for good.
Did you even look back
When you ran as fast as you could?

Nothing is forgotten,
It never really is.
And when someone wants my heart,
I’ll shrug and say “It’s his”.

And throughout all this,
My words of hurt and anguish.
I’ve got just one thing left to say
Before from my mind you are banished.

I’m the pettiest bitch
You ever did see.
And in 3 years time you still
Won’t be worth anything to me.


A flower grew
From a tiny seed
In a garden
With all it would need.
And people walked by
To admire and praise
But never pluck it
For so many days.
The flower felt safe,
Never a worry or fright,
It kept growing beautiful
To the public’s delight.
When it was at its peak,
Just about fully grown,
Someone yanked its roots
From the ground where it was sown.
The flower was shocked,
Confused and concerned.
It matured so perfectly,
Is this what it had earned?
The flower was left in a vase
To wither and die.
All it could do was wonder,

Aries: Watch your step. The road your travelling is filled with pot holes and snakes. Learn to walk lightly and be careful.

Taurus: Don’t stop now. You’ve changed so much and grown more then words can explain. Don’t let yourself be shrunk back to who you were.

Gemini: let go. Let go of all the pain and sorrow you’re clinging to. Let go of all the words they said and all the horrors you’ve been through.

Cancer: Calm yourself. Stop letting the chaos control you. Don’t let the destruction of everything around you destroy you as well.

Leo: Stop running. Yeah there’s some messed up things back there but you were part of it to. So stop running and learn to make peace with your demons.

Virgo: No one hates you. No one is judging you. No one is condemning you for the choice you made. It was for the best. Some secrets weren’t meant for the grave.

Libra: Cut them off. Stop being there for people who only see you as a partial convince. Don’t bother with those who are too bitter to be happy for you.

Scorpio: Pain is part if growth. It sucks but it’s part of reality. Learn to find comfort and moments of peace as you finally become who you were meant to be.

Sagittarius: don’t forget. Don’t forget the way they laughed or how he made you smile. Don’t forget the way things use to be even if you’re in a better place now. They made you you.

Capricorn : Forgive them. Not for them but for you. Because this poison isn’t going to kill them but I promise  you it will shorten your life.

Aquarius : Do not become your dadness. Or your illness. Or all the bad things that happened to you. Do not let that consume your identity till there’s nothing left.

Pisces: Let yourself fall in love again. Real love. Dangerous and scary and adrenaline filled love. Be open and vulnerable as hard a feat as that would be.

—  This week’s horoscope
But he isn’t my star,
Nor is he my moon,
Nor is he my sun, settling in the afternoon,
He is my world, that holds my sky,
You see, if he was my star, there would be galaxies,
if he was my moon, the sun would still rise, but he is my world
So without him, what am I? -l.m
Art is not an object, but a person with soft brown eyes that crease ever so slightly when she smiles. It is the way that her lips thin when she laughs and the hue of pink that her cheeks take on when she blushes. It is the way that she says my name and how her laughter rattles my ribcage. Art is not an object, for it is her name, her body; her soul.
—  She is art.