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i fell in love with the strangest things
about you, things like
how you rolled your eyes when you
were frustrated, like when you made
some stupid joke that everyone hated
but i couldn’t help but laugh in the spaces
between others’ silence, like when you’d
lie to me and your nose would crinkle
and i couldn’t stay mad and
you'd pretend to be helpless so if you
tried and failed, you didn't have to 
run the risk of embarrassment.

i fell in love with your insecurities and
the way you tried to cover them up
with nervous laughter and corny sayings,
because sometimes you’d slip up and
let a little bit of you shine through and
i’d feel so lucky on those days, the days
i got to walk away with your beauty
that no one could see but me.
—  and now i would miss every sunset if it meant i could have just one inch of that beauty back
this weary swan song,

a flighty girl always slipping
through your yellow-teethed want &
she tastes like another colour.

always running &
your smile a stitch in her side
like a knife, something
she pulls out & throws away.

something she leaves on the side
of a back-country road to rust.

this doesn’t end with you balancing on
a sharp edge & winning. it ends
with her, miles away,

smiling at the city lights.
—  Maddie C, GIRL/GONE 

you everywhere with eyes
and a black cat
in the picture in the mirror
blending into your dress
mouth like mail
both lips sealing
and unsealing
a love letter to landscapes
a letter to cat lovers
an open letter to the
literate and looking closely

The weather channel app tells me that its thunder-storming where you are, animated lightning crackling through the night sky. It’s sunny where I am, infinite blue skies except for the perfect cartoon clouds above the mountains. We are worlds away from each other, and I’m still thinking about you. Are you thinking about me?
—  i write imaginary letters to you when i daydream

anonymous asked:

the way u said that u write poetry (in your notes app in public etc) made me so happy cuz i do that too!! or in the morning when i first wake up bc i find thats when all my inspiration comes to me. my notes app is filled with a bunch of random phrases n fragments of things that have randomly come to mind thruout the day. i thought i was the only one n i always felt weird having a bunch of tht stuff in my notes haha

Xoxo 🌹

first kisses, as if i
had been holding my breath
for the past few hours,
looking at you through my eyelashes
hoping that you liked me
as much as i liked you.

sugared kisses, as if i
had painted my lips with the red
of a strawberry, picked from the field
with just the right ripeness
and just the right sweet.

tired kisses, as if i
had only three hours of sleep
and you were the first one
who has told me good morning
the entire day.

goodnight kisses, as if we
had just had the time of our
lives and we didn’t want to leave
but the kiss was a promise
and not a goodbye.

quick kisses, as if i
was running late but
as long as i was with you
that was okay
(but really— i have to go)

last kisses, as if we
had reached the end of us
the end of an era
the end of a story
and it wasn’t dramatic
but it wasn’t sweet
it was just you and i.

—  there are many types of kisses || k.w.

Your beauty is a curse from your father
A poison apple offered that you were forced to take
But you wear it as if it were an evening dress
Instead of chains that bind you

They only see the green of your eyes
Your cupid lips
Your cascading locks of gold
And you pretend like it doesn’t kill you when they call you ‘baby’ and leave you to wonder why you ever let them in

Your body is a temple at which they worship
But they’re sinners that you pretend to forgive
For you have been told that you don’t have to speak your mind
Your beauty speaks for you better than your voice will ever manage

I wonder if you know what they say behind your back
And if you feel the twist deep inside
Because you know they’re the revolutionaries
And you’re a martyr for a cause you don’t believe in

I hope you’ll realise that you’re more
That your beauty isn’t an apology for your character
That forgiveness is not handed out freely to those who don’t bother asking
That they don’t know who you are and how many jewels it would take to get you to stay

Apps and websites for studying/productivity

1. StudyBlue - Allows you to make electronic flashcards and upload class material, also allows you to connect with teachers and other classmates.

2. SparkNotes- Great for quick analysis on novels and literature, although it gives you great info it doesn’t go in depth so do not rely on these solely and yes read your assigned novels. 

3. ExamTime- Awesome website for combined uses, kinda like studyblue but enables you to do more, like mind maps, quizzes, flashcards and other resources. You can also connect with friends. 

4. Advanced English & Thesaurus- Must need for all students, unless you prefer an actual book dictionary not a phone one. 

5. HabitRPG- Okay unless you aren’t a fan of gaming then this is not for you but this is pretty much an interactive productivity site and app. Built in to-do lists, dailies (things you want to do today), habits and rewards. If you don’t complete something your health goes down. Pretty much a rpg game, definitely check this out!

6. Khan Academy- Awesome videos for all subjects.

7. Formulas Lite- There maybe greater apps that provide the same but I currently own this and it’s pretty good so far. Has different calculators, translator, math problems, facts, web ref and of course different subject formulas. Including maths, physics and chemistry.

8. POETRY from Poetry Foundation- A poetry app that has audio, biographies and of course poetry.