The tragedy of being the kind of person that loves people too deeply is that it is like giving them a knife that can sink through your flesh to your heart and asking them not to use it. Because sometimes they don’t just use it. Sometimes they don’t stop twisting until your heart stops beating.
—  Nikita Gill

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Note to a lost soul.
I know it’s been a long time from the last time. Just wanna tell you there’re no right choices no wrong ones. It’s just us living our life making our mistakes. You’re everything you should be. Be proud. Just in case you forgot.

ARIES,  you don’t have to believe in love to believe in yourself. love died for me in the chlorinated conscious of a swimming pool, but i’m still here. you can be too.

TAURUS, tell me how the sun tastes like because you look at me the same way. you don’t even know it, but you’re my warm memory this winter. 

GEMINI, go on picnics and laugh in the bathroom stalls because this will never happen again. you are my every other sentence.

CANCER, you are so unbelievably incredible. it’s been years, but there are some things not even heaven or hell could wash away when they came and brought the apocalypse to our front door step. i am so happy to have survived with you.

LEO, you are the hardest thing to live without, and how glad i am to have what i do. i hope the trees are as beautiful as you wanted them to be, and that fall holds your hand when i can’t.

VIRGO, missing you is second nature, first being loving you senseless. you work hard, but please don’t forget to take care of yourself. and i’m here. i’m here, i’m here, i’m here. for you, always.

LIBRA, it’ll be okay if you close your eyes sometimes, the world will still spin when you wake up. rest easy, it’s your month after all.

SCORPIO, you are the strongest vein i’ve ever known. write what you can and feel what you do, create regardless of your temperament. it’ll be good, i promise.

SAGITTARIUS, harvest the ebullience in your fingertips and make the most of what you can. it was never meant to be easy, just enough.

CAPRICORN, find your own constellation and remind yourself of your own brilliance. you still have it, i cross my heart and believe in you.

AQUARIUS, bitterness is purple like the spit in your bathroom sink, so flush it down the drain with your eyes wide open. when your body feels like it’s falling apart, grab the super glue and keep on going. this is not the end, baby, it’s just the very start of something spectacular. see this through, i’m begging you.

PISCES, you are the reason why i can stand on a broken back and smile at the same time. you are moon stars, lipstick on glitter wrists, and my honest comrade. do what you need to do, and most importantly, get it done. i am so proud of us.

It’s hard when you’re always angry or tired and it’s even harder that you never smile anymore or laugh. But I’m here and I am loving you and continuing to love you with every single fiber and bone in my body while learning how to love every piece of you even if it isn’t the smoothest spot on your skin or the brightest corner of your eyes. You always come home wasted these days and still im here and I am loving you every single god damn day because that’s what I want to do. I’m sorry if you are unhappy, I’m sorry if I make you miserable. I’m sorry but I’m trying so hard and I’m doing my best to not only love the smile lines I miss so dearly and the laugh echoing through my body, but the cold blood rushing to your finger tips and the sting on your lips from the tip of your favorite blackberry brandy. I’m sorry if it’s not enough to stop you from hurting yourself, but godamnit I’m doing my best and I love you more than I could ever love myself.
—  You only smile when you’re 10 beers deep (via irenix)

I know I never kissed you but if you go into the next world without a kiss,
I’ll let you borrow my lips forever

I know I never held you but if you go into a dream without someone to hold you,
You can have my arms until the last second
starts to sound like wind carrying you home

I know I never got to love you but if you ever feel alone in this hellish place and you have broken faith with the people who once said they’d be there, if you’re ever scared and alone…

You can have me, I’ll always be yours

You are eager and you’re quick.
Once you meet someone and you think the two of you click,
You drop all your pretense and pour yourself,

And it crashes and burns just as soon.

It’s not your mistake though, their glass was just too small to take in your kind of intensity, your kind of passion and all that honesty.

One day, you will find someone with just the right glass and you won’t feel like they’ve let all of you go crashing down to the ground and spill all around.

And then someday you will understand that sometimes you need to understand before you pour, who needs how much of your soul.