Gorgeous one with the diamonds for eyes

I wait for the perfect distraction

To break into your heart and take the jewels

A cruel joke played in A minor

I lie not that I’ve seen no finer

Saddening to think that age

The spiking smell of sage turns to

The sight of decomposed literature

A Recomposed caricature

Images of a desert horizon

I’m tired let me out of here

Let me free of these chains

Into the autumn rains

The only way back to the start

Is through your broken heart

And to never forget your face

Has stopped me and glued me in place

I’m alright until I realize

You’ve left me in the cold

Alone with my umbrella

Holding its leather handle

The rain doesn’t stop in the morning

Not when I’m broken

Gorgeous ones with the diamonds for eyes

Tell me your darkest secret

And don’t miss the details

Something about your lips

Helps you conceal

The darkest tide in a wave on a shore

Rocks and dirt in between your toes

I remember your face

Along that beach of ours

Your smile used to call down the sun

Through the clouds

And the way you laughed

Broke the ice in the water

I don’t know what it was

How you did it

You saw through my veil

Into my eyes and deeper still

You, the gorgeous one

With diamonds for eyes.

this poem

this poem begins with letters all in lower case,

not that they soon will change to upper case,

they are happy where they are.. in lower case,

but they still want this poem to be upper case,

and in that case they must work up their magic..

must make the curves and angles have their day,

must make them say.. there is no reason to delay

..to rhyme?.. I dare not say.. to witness a crime?

..forget that way.. to be sublime?  i guess that's ok ~