poetic shit right there

But the hands in my pockets,
Always holdin’ onto nothing
So how could I hold on to you?

- Fave lyric from DAY6′s version of This Song. When I heard it I was like damn that’s some poetic shit right there. I mean the whole song is art, but there’s something about this line that’s so profound.

anonymous asked:

Do you have some Jehanparnasse fic recs? ^_^

Okay so first things first: Jehanparnasse only or almost only have rather short fics. And I’m  talking s.h.o.r.t. Which is good for me because I’m a slow reader, but which is also not good because I consistantly want M.O.R.E. So this is going to be a long list, but the works are rather short
(Hopefully one day I’ll publish full fledged 40k Jehanparnasse fics, fingers crossed, I’m not lacking ideas, I’m just lacking t.i.m.e)

All of these are zero abusive!Montparnasse guaranteed, fear not, I’ve got your back, none of that on my lawn

The short ones:

The less short ones:

The long one:

  • The Life and Times of a Sullen Coffee Shop Employee by @vintage-jehan: Coffee Shop AU. Montparnasse plays reluctant matchmaker for his colleagues because they can’t seem to sort their shit out. The story isn’t Jehanparnasse centered but you get little bits and pieces until it comes HARD. Really funny and wholesome. Rare gem to have a Montparnasse centric fic while all of les Amis are around.

My works:

I’m kinda uncomfortable doing this because I’m like ugh, but let’s be real, Jehanparnasse fics are rare so I’m not going to withhold any:

  • Trouble: Modern AU. Montparnasse takes refuge in a nightclub to lose the cops that are running after him, but it doesn’t work as planned. Luckily, a beautiful dancer gives him a way out
  • You’re in my Arms Just like the Wind: Canon era. Jehan and Montparnasse’s goodbyes on barricade day. Angst overload