poetic power

I don’t know how to love without using my whole heart. I don’t know what its like to love someone ‘half way’. I practice giving love in the same way i’d like to receive it.
—  Reyna Biddy

Ægishjálmur  - The Helm of Awe.

Ægishjálmur (pronounced aye-yiss-hchyawl-mer) etymologically means the Helm of Ægir. Ægir is an Old Norse word meaning terror. It is also the name of a destructive giant associated with the sea. It is now usually defined as Helm of Awe and reference to it occurs often in the Poetic Edda, a part of the Icelandic medieval Codex Regius (Royal Manuscript).

The power of an Ægishjálmur could be invoked through the use of a special kind of magic called Seiðr (a Nordic Wizardry practiced well before the advent of Vikings). Seiðr could be used to affect the mind with forgetfulness, delusion, illusion, or fear. The Ægishjálmur is a special subset of Seiðr Magic called Sjónhverfing, the magical delusion or deceiving of the sight where the Seið-Witch affects the minds of others so that they cannot see things as they truly are.

Some suggest the center circle most likely represents one’s Self surrounded by protective Energy. Crowfoot describes all Ægishjálmar as having three zones: an outer ring (for the subjective Universe), a middle range (the objective Universe) and a centre region (the Inner Being). They all represent the basic cosmological blueprint of the Yggdrasil with nine Worlds. This is especially true of the eight-spoke wheel sigils. Each spoke is one of the eight worlds that lie to the north, south, east, west and upper and lower worlds. The ninth world is in the center where all the spokes come together (Midgard).

And sometimes, you are going to be as fierce as a dragon armed in scales of impenetrable gold and sometimes you are going to be as vulnerable as a lamb, soft and comforting in newborn wool. Both versions of you deserve to be loved. Both versions of you are needed. Both versions of you are beautiful.
—  Nikita Gill
Curled up in bed, listening to your heartbeat in a calm and steady rhythm, while watching the snow fall. Slowly surrendering to sleep. That is heaven to me.
—  Philippa A. Madsen - 
By no means am I fearless,
i’m just as scared as you.. I just know fear poisons love - so I choose to be alive. If that means to be brave, so be it.
—  Reyna Biddy

X-Men Parallels (X-Men & XM: Apocalypse)

     ↳ Logan & Rogue // Jean & Charles

It was snowing yesterday as I was walking home. The world seemed so quite and so peaceful. And for a tiny moment the voices in my head were gone. I was at peace.
—  Philippa A. Madsen - Twelve Months

anonymous asked:

How do you know that "Save the Rebellion save the dream," comes from the Ghost Crew?

No I didn’t.

It’s a guess.

Based on the Promo Poster for the next pair of episodes (see below), the one in which they met and linked up with Saw Gerrera.

It would be a poetic and very powerful link to Rogue One, though.

Possibly the reason why they skipped two weeks in the first half of Season 3. So that the words appear first in Rogue One instead of SWR.

The journey is about arriving back home; to your true self.
Journey in power.
—  Lalah Delia
October is about rainy days with a cup of your favorite tea and your laptop, curled up on the couch in a big blanket writing about everything.
—  Philippa A. Madsen - It is my favorite month
Maybe who and what you thought was good for you at one point in time, is now outdated for where you are headed and draining your spirit and life force along the way. Take your power back and re-adjust your life according.
—  Lalah Delia