poetic life photography

I tend to disappear when I’m around books 


they suck me in

reality because dull and every word becomes alive 

I disappear for hours wondering where exactly is mind 

my fingers interlocked with both sleeves of the book

there is comfort 

there is warmth 

I disappear

never wanting to read the last word @c–avalier

Ben ne kadar deli, delilik, delilikler, delisiymisim seninleyken şimdi hatirima geliyor desem yalan sayilmamali tarafından.
Ben bir keresinde senin yanından - yanındaki golgenden ayrildigimda -Akdeniz usulü bir ayrilisla.- Otobüsler pek serin pek serindi.
İşte o sebepledir ki. Gitmiştim farkında olmadan Akdeniz'in ülkesinden biraz daha ileri. Farkettigimde inecegim Akdeniz ülkelerini gectigimi
Ahh ayaklarım ne çok sizlamisti. Bunları bilsen. Bil. Bilmelisin. Ahh bilemezsin. Bil isterim.

Senin gölgenden ayrılmak yurtsuz luğuma sebep idi.

Mavi Kül Tablası


            When I first started taking pictures the idea of “Photoshoping” made my skin crawl. I felt that the best picture is the picture you take the first time - not the one you edit. My rant always started off with: “The best pictures in history weren’t photoshopped…”; but that was history. Photography as a whole has significantly changed since the time of Henri-Cartier Bresson or even a Gordon Parks.

            I thought I could be a “purist” photographer, but being a purist photographer is as simple as seeing something interesting and hitting the shutter button. 

           That’s what I believe a photographer is and should do; they find the moment that others over look, capture it, then share it with everyone to see. The editing process seemed like it altered that moment to me; it felt like after editing, the moment wasn’t pure anymore. 

           Photography is about the creation of images by the manipulation of light. Who says that I can’t bring up the exposure just a bit, boost the color of that sunrise, heal the laugh lines of a sensitive model? I want my photos to speak for itself, why not give it a bit of an accent to be more interesting. I have been using Lightroom for the past couple months and I don’t see mutated beings, but a moment with focus, a guitar tuned. I want to better this craft. 

 ~ Sincerely, Nick aka PoeticLifePhoto