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Mavi Kül Tablası

The rock never really leaves the sea.
It stands and bears its rage,
for it loves too much the sea’s serenity.

Sen ki ‘Hayat’ çekiyorsun kadrajına. İnsan çekiyorsun . Öyle hisler çekiyorsun. Her yerine dolduruyorsun . İçindeki insanın bana doldurduğunu biliyorum. Senin kadrajından içime içime dolan ateşle yanıyorum. Yanarken dönüyorum.

Mavi Kül Tablası

Reasons I Want To Travel

I want to get away for a while.

Go someplace nobody knows my face.
Go someplace nobody knows my name.

I want to see the world from a different perspective over & over again.

I want to explore.
Experience something new everyday.
I want to drive someplace far.
Sleep in the car
Wake up & drive even farther

I want to visit museums
Listen to my favorite music on replay

I want to photograph everything & anything
With film cameras
I want to take photos of the sunrise
I want to take photos of myself
I want to let the chase for adventure consume me..

Spend hours in a field gazing up at the stars, taking it all in.

Talking about everything & nothing all at once.

I want to feel the wind in my face
I want my lungs to fill with satisfaction as they inhale the aromas of an unexplored place.

I want to meet people that will force me to never forget them.
I want each day to be filled with new memories.
I want to be able to reminisce & smile.

I want to live.
I want to feel alive.