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happy birthday @you-can-all-eat-shit, light of my life and the dedicated terushira ambassador for the 3rd year running 

I want to thank you for helping me grow,
blossom into the rose I am today
grounded roots, beautiful, but still unstoppable.
Because you gave me emotional strength,
physical strength,
mental strength,
to not only conquer the world,
but the ideas flaming inside of me,
the deep ridden passion that keeps me alive.
you made my world an experience that wasn’t one sided
that wasn’t fought alone, but together
each day we became the people we hoped to be even though 
the world wanted to swallow us whole.
but we became so indisputably intertwined that we couldn’t be shaken.
couldn’t be moved.
couldn’t be phased.

we were fighting for something
and that something was each other
and that fight is never ending

—  To all the real people in my life

Someone pointed out this parallel

That’s The Spirit

So, if any of you remember this post, I created a new au for an rp with @childhood-wishes-and-dreams (with a little assistance from @why-things-go-boom), a superhero/supervillain Logince au set in an x-men like universe.

Well, I think I’ve fleshed out the characters enough to begin releasing things..starting with the backstory of the au.

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Here we go…

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