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Concept: me alone on my bed near the window, I can feel the cold wafting off the thin glass. The snow is falling slowly, white fairy lights barely illuminate my room but that is not what I am paying attention to. Outside the snow is beautiful, there is a street light glowing sickly orange and there is a cat sitting on the road. There are no vehicles and the only sounds I can hear are the humming of the furnace on the other side of the house and the radio playing Christmas music in the next room. I am not sad nor happy, but I am content. In this moment, I am convinced I will be okay.


The year is 2034. A person is in their home, doing the usual, flicking through channels, finding nothing. This person is you. After an age of finding nothing worthwhile on your television, a thought strikes your head, you get up from your seat and go to your storage cupboard.

There, you see a box, just plain, cardboard, engrimed in a layer of dust. Blowing away the fine grey coating, you see the faint glimmer of pink through a crack in the surface. Your heart stops. Then the beating resumes as you shakily open the lid. They are all still here. You cannot believe it. There is the shirt you wore to your first convention, the faded label of your nametag from the glorious summer of 2012. You remember the musicians, the artists, those who you looked up to, it all seems rather silly now that you think about it as you go red in quiet embarrassment. 

And there, amidst all the memories, you see them. Pinkie, and Twilight, and Dash, Applejack, and Fluttershy, and Rarity. You still remember their names. You remember having one of your own, a single tear falls from your lid as you recall it’s name. Your OC always did seem like your very own child. You remember all the friends you made, all gone now, off on their own adventures, but your journeys were fun whilst they lasted. You remember the Saturdays of excitement, the in-jokes, tumblr. All a thing of the past for you now. Closing your eyes, you silently, with a smile, close the lid, and slide the box back into the store. 

As you leave the door, shut, with a gentle thud, you utter the all too familiar and truthful phrase in your head.

I used to wonder what friendship could be.

Until you all shared it’s magic with me. 

What’s all this drama over girl gamers recently?

Girls can be fire-fighters, police officers, construction workers, soldiers etc, what’s the big fucking deal in them playing a few video games?

Guys, girls can be gamers, you always get idiots who don’t know what a “true” gamer is, in both sexes.

And girls, congratulations, you can play games too, zippedy fucking doo-dah, stop turning it into an argument about sexism, because honestly no-one gives a crap.

Have you ever thought maybe boy and girl humans are the same species?! Mountains out of molehills.

So guys, some of us know Homestuck is scheduled to end this year at some point right?  

Well, if you look at the recurring number of 413 in the comic e.g. Dave, Rose, and Jade are 4 months and 13 years old when it’s John’s birthday, there are 4 kids who are all 13 years of age, and every timer in the human world says 4 minutes 13 seconds, then you’ll recognise something else.

John’s birthday is the 13th April, again, 413, and this year, it is 2013. Well, April this year would be, you guessed it, 4/13. So if you put that on John’s birthday…that makes the date of his birthday this year:


See something? This makes an endless loop, so what if, on the 13th April 2013, Homestuck ends, and because they’ve been playing a game the whole time, the date therefore never changes, thus making it the 13th April, when a young boy stands in his room, on his 13th birthday.

==> Play again?

Brony and Proud: Confirmation

Now I love this fandom, I love the people I’ve met, the art I’ve seen, the fun I’ve had, and all the creativity inspired from it.

But recently, I’ve noticed people straying from the original ideas and messages of the show, seen interest wane and people starting doubt the fandom itself. It was upsetting, and following several musicians, I’ve seen the tension arise between them as well. Circle-jerking, offending, fame, and all that were common dramas I saw popping up on my dash, silly things that needn’t have taken up anyone’s time. Truly it was a very depressing thing to see as well as the fact that people were posting less ponies and more random stuff, although I guess that’s because there wasn’t much new content.

However, today completely revitalised me. People were getting along, reblogs and likes were going off like machine-gun fire, laughs were had, fun was had, jokes were made like Gak and launching Princess Cadance, and stairs, and Rarity etc. What I’m saying is, people were enjoying themselves. I have seen no hostility today in the brony fandom, it was all about what it was originally about in the first place, the ponies. It was like one big huge party where everybody likes each other and wants to join in on the festivities.

So I ask of you all this, let’s drop the pointless arguing over a kid’s show, and

Let’s watch some fucking ponies

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I love how the female Spartan gender on Halo 4 actually changes what your armour looks like slightly which actually appears to look cooler, and also means that you’re thinner so there’s a very slightly less chance of the enemy hitting you, mwuhahaha.

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I’d just like to thank each and every one of you for following this blog, especially those who take the time to spread what’s been posted through reblogs and likes, I hope it’s got a lot of great artists some more publicity and attention, and I hope my random ramblings and updates have been relatively entertaining for you all.

I’d also like to wish you all a Happy New Year, and assure you there’ll be more posts from this blithering Blighty pony you’re following right now in 2013!

Thank you all!

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