But they don’t know you like I do
And they’ve never seen
The stars in my eyes that pale away
Every time you leave my sight.
—  L.M

How could I ever possibly explain that whenever I look at you I feel as if my heart is pounding a thousand miles, and my face hurts too much from smiling at the thought of you?

How could I ever tell you that your eyes have this kind of sparkle in it that makes me nervous but at the same time fall even more in love with you?

How could I ever tell you that whenever you’re near me, my thoughts ramble and sometimes I forget what I’m about to say just because the sight of you always manages to take the breath from my lungs?

How would I ever be able to put into words that you make me feel alive again after months of being dead inside? How could I possibly tell you that ever since I’ve met you, there’s nothing else I would rather stare at then you.

I’m in love with sunsets, and every night I used to watch the sun go down and adore the colors that rippled through the sky. But ever since I met you, it’s you who I can’t keep my eyes off. I’d rather admire you then the colors in the sky. Nothing could ever be more beautiful, my love, you are exquisite. And everything about you has me so awestruck. I could find everything about you so poetic and beautiful but when it comes to writing it down, my mind is always left blank.

You are poetry. And my words that are left unspoken sometimes just prove that there isn’t any word in the English language to describe your worth, and your beauty. And the love that I have for you.

—  S.V//@Sempiternal.poet on Instagram
i don’t want my success to be in your favor. all of my poems are about you and my pain is selling.
—  rich heartbreak

As a kid, I would spend hours skimming the phone book for quotes (back when dial up internet was a thing). One that particularly stood out to me was - “life will happen, you will understand, and people will love in their own time”.

Don’t ever assume that your clock is the only one that’s ticking. There are millions of clocks, even if they are distant and hard to hear.

Au Revoir

Over the last few years I’ve said
Goodbye to someone
I didn’t realise it at the time
That it was goodbye
Looking back I can see it now
With clarity
The farewell though was gradual
A slow departure
We’d still be together daily
But I knew it wasn’t the same
Knew things had changed
Were still changing
It was a clear conflict
So goodbye it had to be
I had to move on
But doesn’t every goodbye have
A complimentary hello?
Out with the old, in with the new
Onwards and upwards
As they say
Onwards it was
Upwards it certainly wasn’t
I miss my old friend
He was the one person I knew inside out
But he had to leave
Things had drastically changed
This old dog needed to learn new tricks
And he couldn’t help me
So we said goodbye
I still see him
Usually just subconsciously now though
In my dreams
My memories
I guess I always will
He was such a big part of me for fifty plus years
But he had to go
So we said our goodbye
I still appreciate what he did for me
But we’ll probably never meet again
In this life
But it had to be
Circumstances conspired
To require
An unexpected
Au revoir
Until we meet again
On the other side
When for eternity we
Will be one again

Some breath into the moon, and tying a knot,
he hands me luna on a thread of light.
Oh, you’re wonderful! How do I
digest the light? (I am light, I am light..)
You may say so, but I’m not the only one. I’m your mirror (and you’re mine)
So what does it say?
The stars blind us into stumbling and
any large body of water has us crum
but whoosh, and I’m one, and I’m all and I’m one and I’m all and..
so it goes, every night I sit and sink
into what used to be a deep abyss. I am
now staring at a stunning picture, I
have no urge to define it.

- come exist with me.

Better days will come

Even the hardest times will come to an end at some point
You just have to find your own peace
Be strong and let the bad things no longer dissapoint
So one day you will experience a release
It doesn’t mean the bad will never come back
But don’t worry everything owns it’s ups and downs
Just hold on to the positivity and the bad finds it harder to attack
And believe me in the end it will be better then it currently sounds

The give and take is wearing.
In and out.
and out.
May this simple rhythm
become my pacing melody,
the sweetest of offerings,
my only bringing
in my nothingness.
Help me breathe in this space.
For it’s
I have
to give.
-Every breath is give and take.

Be who you want and
talk to who you want
You are you and
no one can stop you
hard drugs are me
and I don’t care what
you think they help
me escape when you can’t
I’m different then the rest I’m distant it’s not you it’s them I love the drugs they really over power me,I love when you hit me it makes me have a rush-I can kill you in a heartbeat and it’s ironic you wouldn’t notice ,you’re not real you’re a powder and you make me invincible their for grateful-those who are against:your nose will bleed while you’re in church, you’re tip top parents will see the powder when you sneeze or look over and again another failure on this planet another disappointment well I described me
Everything gives me a rush and
Well I’ve come too love it
You can push me off a cliff and I’ll do a kick off I’m ready to kill the tides I’m ready too loose blood from hitting the rocks I’m just ready for anything because everything possible has already happened I’m ready for the good rushes
I am patiently waiting
For daffodils
And swollen rain clouds
And sixty degree days
To loosen their grip
On my neck.
—  “Finished With Spring/LET SUMMER RING”
I left the battle with my enemy
praising me for the death of his cause
and his master who tempered
the poison himself
—  @thefias-co