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(@ask-the-pokemon-guardians) A Typhlosion approaches the mysterious Primarina, he seemed to have a hand replaced with a bionic one that, with it's mechanical properties seems to have malfunctioned a bit, nonetheless he was still able to move it. "Woah.. I've never seen a Primarina such as yourself before, then again.. Not one in general. A Ghost type, eh? I'm assuming that uh, you're not the only one of your kind.. There any other Ghost Primas like yourself? Oh, pardon me, the name's Compound."

“Welcome compound, nice to see an unfamiliar face, there has been a lot of those lately.”

“I’m probably not the best type of Primarina for your first encounter, never the less, you’re correct in your assumption. Though it only really my brother and I that are ghost Primarinas, as my sister is still only a Popplio. My father is a normal Primarina though, well for the most part, he’s the one who taught us the basics of being our species, like swim and sing.” Anna notices compounds artificial limb.

“O-oh, that looks like it could be a problem. I’m sure you’ve noticed it but there’s a barrier that disables electronics surrounding this area, I-is your hand okay?” She worries, rushing over to check if her guests hand wasn’t permanently damaged.


Masked (Shalaska) Ch.2 - Anna

A/N hi guys! im sorry it took me so long to post another chapter, i figured you liked it since i received a lot of feedback on the first one! thank you all so much and i hope you enjoy this one too! i basically wanted to write something different, in most of shalaska fics ive read alaska is the vulnerable one, but what if the things were the other way around? i have an entire concept for this fic, so if you want me to ill keep writing!
(anxious thoughts and panic attacks are written from personal experience so i hope its accurately described haha also i apologize in advance if the language offends anyone, i myself am a member of LGBTQIA+ community and that is certainly not my intention.)
-xx Anna

trigger warnings: strong language, panic attack, violence

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