poet's desire

But how do I tell you that you’re on my mind
from the second I wake up
until the second I fall asleep at night?
And even then, I still dream of you…

How do I tell you that when we’re cuddling
or my hand is on your leg, I want to
somehow pull you in even closer?

Or that the moment you leave,
I wish I had kissed you a little longer
and a little harder…

How do I tell you that we haven’t
been together that long, but all I want
is to have you by my side for as long as I can?
And that I can picture myself
having a family with you…

How do I tell you these things without sounding
completely crazy or needy or desperate?

I don’t think you’ll ever know
how much I love you, and I will spend forever
trying to show you how much of you
I have in my heart.

And even though you said today you felt better,
and it is so late in this poem, is it okay to be clear,
            to say, I don’t feel good,

to ask you to tell me a story
about the sweet grass you planted—and tell it again
            or again—

until I can smell its sweet smoke,
            leave this thrashed field, and be smooth.

Natalie Diaz, from “From the Desire Field,” published in Academy of American Poets’ Poem-A-Day

Cultivate the practice of appreciation. Learn to give thanks to those who walked into your life, even those who chose not to stay. Because each moment lived, good or bad; each person you met, good or evil, was an essential part of your growth. It’s through your experiences with the darkness that make you appreciate the light.
—  Be grateful
At that moment, nothing else mattered

You mean something to someone
For someone else you mean everything
Never have you ever felt something just like that

In the night you only belong to her
She knows you
She has seen the real you
No one else knows
Just her
She knows you
She knows who you are
You don’t have to hide
You are good
Just the way you are
To her, you mean everything


Hot breathes against your breasts
Her lips nipping yours
Her lips - hot - on yours

Deep sighs cut
Through the silence
In the night


You two together
You love
You love so gently

So beautifully
So slowly
So significant

When making love


a painting
of sweat and of tears
of love and of blood

a portrait
of love and of lust
of kisses and of feelings

of her and of you
of you two together

That night, when
You were just hers
She was just yours
And everything else was

// written in swedish October 2012 & translated into english in June 2017


How do you tell Icarus

To stay away from the sun

When it is the heat

He craves, when he wants

To burn, when he needs

To fall and taste the ocean

On his tongue? How

Can you quell disastrous

Desires, pull him down

From his flight, away

From all-consuming light?

How do I tear myself

Away from you?

- Grace Babcock © 2017

I want to thank you for helping me grow,
blossom into the rose I am today
grounded roots, beautiful, but still unstoppable.
Because you gave me emotional strength,
physical strength,
mental strength,
to not only conquer the world,
but the ideas flaming inside of me,
the deep ridden passion that keeps me alive.
you made my world an experience that wasn’t one sided
that wasn’t fought alone, but together
each day we became the people we hoped to be even though 
the world wanted to swallow us whole.
but we became so indisputably intertwined that we couldn’t be shaken.
couldn’t be moved.
couldn’t be phased.

we were fighting for something
and that something was each other
and that fight is never ending

—  To all the real people in my life
So yes, we could kiss. I could kiss you and you could kiss me. There’s no science, plane ticket or clock stopping us. But if we kiss, it will end the world. And I’ve ended the world before. No one survived. Least of all me.

Iain S. Thomas /  pleasefindthis, I Wrote This for You

This remains one of my favorite poems by the amazing South African poet


he sends bullets of crazy through my brain.
when he puts his hands on me, there’s a thrill
i can’t contain. his touch is like terror in that it
makes my body shake. i sweat out all the ache.
he chokes out his desires and i whimper out his
name. this is our sinister game; we make love riding
melodies and play out all our pain. we push and we
pull and we bind each other in transparent plastic
chains. i say, this is my love for you, see it clear as day.
raw like the garden, like the oxygen in my veins. fresh
as the sunrise and his smile and the rain. when he
kisses my bare flesh, my skins bursts into flames.
i love the way he stares into my eyes and locks his grip
around my waist. i love the way he tastes. all i think of
is staying forever in this place. i said God won’t you
save me, i want to fall from grace. i want to find
salvation in the way we interlace. to worship at
his altar and then be locked in his embrace. i want
to crack the glass windows of the church in his heart
and mark them with my stain. i want to love each
other with fires so wild that the devil feels the strain.

You love her.

By which I mean;
You have a space in your heart for her.
Amidst all the mess and noise you make space for her.
A space in your mind, and make time for that consideration of her.

I mean that you think of her,
the way you think of your heartbeat, the blood in your veins or your breath.

By which I mean it is constant but not intrusive.

You are aware of your love for her as a line drawn under all else, running through all other things.
As the base line for you to find yourself by.

This is how you love her.

—  By which I mean. You love her like you would die from not doing so. // h.p.
Don’t walk away, don’t leave for the night.
Come to bed with me instead. Come lie down
next to me, sink into the mattress, swaddle us
both in sheets. Release the tension from your
bones and I’ll let go of mine and we can let it
all just evaporate away from us. Touch your
palm to my shoulder blade, curl your fingers
into my arm. Imagine, I’ll lay my head on your
chest and rest my wrist on your hip. I want you
and only you beside me. This life is long, the day
was longer, and all I can think about is the sound
of your breathing as you drift off to sleep. Please
hear me clearly, because I have never said this
frightening, miraculous thing to anyone else.
I only want you.
—  © Kayla Kathawa / Je T'en Prie
There is something between us, isn’t there?
A heat that burns like fire…
But not simply lust and desire
No… this is something more…
Something deeper I’ve never felt before
And it grips me, every time I look at you
Just tell me I’m not imagining this…
tell me you feel it too
—  Ranata Suzuki | Is this something?