poet tattoo

Those who love you will never leave. Those who steal your happiness and confidence are simply thieves.
And you don’t need them.
—  Always make sure you’re okay, and keep your own heart on the highest shelf.

“I tatuaggi non vanno spiegati. Chiunque può trarne una propria interpretazione.
L'unica persona che puó conoscerne il vero significato è colui che lo porta addosso. Perché un tatuaggio è un sentimento, è un dolore, è un ricordo, è un'emozione che si può solo vivere, non spiegare e ne capire.”

it rained a lot that summer, when johnny worked part time bussing tables at the diner and callie tattooed flowers on everybody’s necks. we bruised easy and loved hard and both hurt more than they should’ve. johnny said we were gods and i said i wouldn’t take it so far, said maybe we’re just pretty damn great at pretending. callie said stop it but i didn’t stop it, just kept tearing down the almost temples. the flowers on our necks are going to fade and we’re going to go with them. i’m sorry johnny, some things just weren’t meant to be holy.
—  india ink || s.o.

“This ink, carved, into my skin; 

                      The scars, and art, of love.” 

-DY // twelve words for 12am thoughts // the love behind this dragon tattoo

There is beauty in the chaos, the madness
Perfection in the imperfection, Joy in the sadness,
If you know how to look.
—  Me